Where do the World’s Luckiest People Live?

The past two years have taught us that no one is safe despite the privileges of status or citizenship. Covid-19 changed the global leaders and front runners. Many nations rose to the occasion and challenged the world rankings with their handling of the pandemic. What we knew before 2020 became obsolete data.

Amidst the chaos and crisis, new studies were conducted worldwide, and many prepositions were put forward to revamp the data about the world’s most privileged people.

A very interesting study was conducted by the ABCD agency in July 2021. The subjects of the study are all 37 member states of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, as well as Argentina, Bulgaria, Brazil, India, Russia, Singapore and South Africa.

As part of their research, they considered 4 major aspects and 19 different factors about each nation and scored them accordingly to determine where do the luckiest people live?

The four major criteria were included as below-

  • Career Opportunities – This mainly delved deeper into a country’s work environment, income disparity and employment ratio, and GDP per capita, and career opportunity.
  • Liberty and Life Satisfaction – Freedom of speech is a rare gift to a number of countries in the world. The ability to live freely and speak your mind is also not a privilege that everyone enjoys. There are nations where the government decides what to wear, what haircut to choose, or even what to name a newborn baby.
  • Safety and Health – In this field a few core points are included like life expectancy, air quality, social bonding, and more.
  • Finance – Disposable income of households per capita, median wealth of adults, and number of USD dollars millionaires were the main points included to finalize the data of finance.

The top 10 most privileged countries of the world

The most privileged individuals and their countries not only have a better quality of life, they are also much stronger financially and in terms of health.Here is the list of the top 10 most privileged countries of the world as per this year’s data in no specific ranking order.

  1. Switzerland- Top of the list, this country scored a total of 100 with the highest score in financial stability
  2. Iceland- It managed to gain a total score of 91.49 points out of 100
  3. Norway- This country achieves 89.39 overall score, with full 100 out of 100 scores in career opportunities and life satisfaction & liberty sections.
  4. Luxembourg- It scored a total of 89.31 points
  5. Denmark- it holds 84.91 points, with a population of 5,790,000, the country still managed to take a spot at 5th place.
  6. Finland- with a total score of 80.52 it holds 6th position
  7. Australia- This nation scored a total of 80.50 out of 100.
  8. Sweden- This country achieves an overall score of 80.22 points
  9. Austria- With a high passport strength index, it holds a score of 78.47 out of 100.
  10. Netherlands- with a total score of 78.31, this country stands on 10th position. It has a high mobility and life satisfaction score.

Low crime rates, a great work life balance, and good minimum wages are some of the common positive attributes which makes these countries and their people the world’s luckiest.

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