8M Commission have announced in Madrid


“If the health situation in Madrid is disastrous, it is not because of the feminist movement but because the president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso (PP) does not invest a euro in public health,” he added. The demonstration has experienced moments of great tension when two elderly neighbors (singing ‘Cara al sol’) have begun to reproach the protesters. The nervousness has increased and the police had to intervene.

Meanwhile, in Lavapiés, spokespersons for the 8-M Commission have announced that they are calling off their demonstrations, organized with “health prevention.” The vetoes of concentrations are a way – he remarked – to “silence, criminalize and infantilize” women. “A disproportionate measure.”

The spokeswoman has requested the resignation of the Government delegate in Madrid, José Manuel Franco. “We are going to come out stronger,” he concluded after calling on Madrid women to decorate their windows and balconies with messages in favor of feminism.

The 8-M Commission has also issued a manifesto for the Madrilenian women who so wish to read it on the portals of their homes at eight o’clock in the afternoon. Entitled, ‘In the face of social emergency, feminism is essential’, the document emphasizes the specialty of women and the need to continue fighting for the rights of all.

Meanwhile, the Madrid Feminist Movement – a group to which an association that is against the trans law belongs – has summoned a score of people in Callao to claim women’s rights and “make feminism visible in the street.”

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