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9 Useful Tik Tok/Reels Ideas To Run A Successful Business

Are you an owner of a new and small business? Do you want your brand or business to reach out to a greater audience? Why are you not sharing your business details on social media? Because if you are not, you could be definitely missing out on the huge window of opportunity to find real growth. Tik-Tok, before it was banned from some countries, was one such platform to share video content. Thus, creators should get to know more about Tik-Tok clone app.

What is the Tik Tok Clone app?

Tik-Tok clone can be any video dubbing and sharing application software that would be considered as a solution based on the popular video creating app business model till now i.e. Tik Tok. You are not alone if the thought of Instagram Reels seems relatable to you after getting the meaning of the Clone concept.

Introduction to Instagram Reels.

Some believing that Instagram’s recent update is intended to include the popular video-sharing platform’s development, along with the existing features of Instagram, and many have compared Reels to Tik Tok. Even if you’re just getting started with Instagram Reels, it lets users create short clips along with cutting and editing 3-30 seconds videos including tools like text, stickers, music, and other special effects.

Social media marketing

Things change quickly in today’s digital environment. Trends emerge out of nowhere people get in on the ground floor take the benefits. Keeping up with customer expectations is critical for your company’s marketing strategies, especially if your target market comprises millennial’s and Gen Z.

But why Instagram Reels?

Using short videos to reach out to huge audiences is the strategy to be worked on to grow exponentially. Instagram Reels can grow your brand by informing your audience about your products, exhibiting your company’s personality and beliefs, and emphasizing what sets your products or services apart from those of your opponents.

Promoting Small business

It might be critical to come up with fresh content ideas for your brand or business, especially if you’ve struck a creative wall. Firstly, you should have better content ideas and a clear objective in mind and show off your content and items to your followers.

To assist you in getting your small business launched on Instagram Reels, below are few ideas to expand your small business:

1.    Get to know you

If you do not know where to start, let us just inaugurate with the introductory video about yourself. People feel more relatable if the more personal the business feels. Introduce yourself and your small business with some fun facts to engage them to know more and encourage them to follow as soon as they know about it.

2.    Tour of workspace

Create a video to showcase your work environment. It might be a home office or a rented place. To work or can even be on your dining table, along with your team members even if you are a team of one, let the customers know how people help you to keep the small business flow smoothly.

3.    Exhibit your products

If you want more people to follow your business page, let them know about the unique content that they are missing into adding to their collection.

A short clip which shows what they can expect to see, which might be a list of products or just be the actual images of the items displayed on the screen.

4.    BTS

Who doesn’t like a Behind the Scene video? Just create a video in fragments of the day in your life. Take your followers on a tour along with you to your routine life as a small business owner.

5.    Surprise them

Generally, people have a particular mindset about some things, try to reveal them as to how they could use your products to achieve something which might be different from what they already had thoughts about. This reel will make them question if there is a better way to do something.

6.    Organizing Inventory

If your business is product-based, you can show off the inventory system you apply to organize every product. This would let the customers get a view of how much effort is put-into to manage a small business.

7.    Packaging Orders

The most common videos that are created by small business owners are the ones where they show the packaging process of their orders. These videos are just so satisfying for the owners as well as the customers to know what happens before the order is actually received by customers.

8.    Sale! Sale! Sale!

Now, who does not love a sale? Right? If you are planning a sale on particular products for a limited time, you should definitely promote them on Instagram Reels. Here you have to be clear about how the followers should take the chance during the sale to increase the business’s sales.

9.    Success Story

Share your thoughts on how you have achieved so much in the small business that made you really proud of yourself. You can also set some milestones for yourself and share them with the viewers to engage with your page, which they could not resist visiting again and again.


These were some tips that might help you kick start your small business through social media. However, there are always others options, and everything is based on trial and error. First, you have to try new things and find out how does it work for your business to grow.

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