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Throw out 100,000 Cast Ballots said by Texas Republicans to States Supreme Court

Just the days before the next United State of America elections, it is asked by Texas Republicans to the states Supreme Court to throw 100,00 ballots. Voters in the early polls already cast these ballots.

It is said that these 100,000 ballots are cast illegal, so they must be throw out. A Republican member of Texas House and two GOP candidate ask the Supreme court to throw these 100,00 ballots.

According to the latest reports, it is said that Texas will decide the next president for America, as in Texas; there is the highest turnout rate in an early election.

The case will be first going to the United States of America District Court for Southern District of Texas in Houston, and then it the case will go to the Supreme Court of Texas.

In Harris County, the votes of more than 115, 00 may be jeopardized by the lawsuit. The Harris County include Houston, the Austin American-Statement reported.

Multiple attempts are made by the Supreme Court to stop citizens from casting their votes in Texas.

In a lawsuit, it is reported that illegal type of casting a vote will result in fraud and corruption, which could greatly dishearten the voters who cast legal votes.

Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins says that the plan for casting a vote is legal and the Texas Secretary already approves it of State. He noted that the voting system is relatively safe and sound and votes are cast legally.

He said that all the votes cast by registered voters must be counted and the election is regular, not any fraud and corruption will be done.

As due to current pandemic condition caused by a coronavirus, the election in the United States of America takes place with some restrictions.

There are some restrictions in casting votes by voters due to current condition. As we all already well aware of coronavirus, it is a virus which could be transfer from one person to another.

The treatment for the virus is still not available, so precaution measure must be taken by all citizen to prevent the spread of disease.

Therefore restrictions are made during casting votes by voters. It is said in lawsuits that more than 100,000 illegal votes are cast during the early election.

On Wednesday, it was tweeted by Hollins that the Drive-Thru Voting is entirely safe and secure and it is legal. He tweeted that only those votes are counted which are cast by registered voters.

Due to current higher turnout in the early election county, it is said by Supreme Justice Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch and Clarence Thomas that there may be thrown out of some of the ballots occur.

The recorded turnout in early votes may produce the dire conditions A similar kind of opinion is also made by Justice Brett Kavanaugh, by saying that the throwing ou of some ballots may be done.

A spokesman for the Texas Democratic Party, Abhi Rahman noted that the some of the coward people have filed the petition in this week.

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