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Chihuahua Influencer Guides Londoners on the Ultimate Summer Picnicking Experience!

Join the delightful Chilli Chihuahua and his lovable companion Sukhi as they embark on a Midsummer Nights adventure like no other. This summer, Chilli is all about enjoying the great outdoors in London, and he’s here to show us how to have the perfect picnic!

As a sun-loving Chihuahua true to his Mexican heritage, Chilli can’t get enough of the warm weather. To celebrate his favorite time of the year, he has planned a series of themed picnics across London’s picturesque parks. And what’s the theme? Chilli has ingeniously created a tribute to the historical and iconic aspects of his favorite parks!

Chilli’s first stop is the breathtaking Hampstead Heath, known for its association with the beloved author CS Lewis and his enchanting world of Narnia. Drawing inspiration from Lewis’s works, Chilli and Sukhi transform themselves into The Lion, The Witch, and even a Wardrobe!

Next on Chilli’s itinerary is Regent’s Park, home to the renowned London Zoo. Here, Chilli and Sukhi join in the panda spirit, playfully embracing their wild and free nature outside the zoo enclosures.

Moving on, Chilli takes us to the elegant Kensington Gardens (Hyde Park), paying homage to the late Princess Diana, who cherished this beautiful space. Dressed in regal attire, Chilli and Sukhi enjoy a picnic fit for royalty.

Battersea Park is Chilli’s next destination, where he becomes an avid bird and butterfly watcher, reveling in the park’s natural wonders.

Finally, Chilli concludes his picnic adventure at the famous Richmond Park, known for its enchanting deer colonies and abundant wildlife. Capturing a tender moment between two deer straying from the herd, Chilli reminds us of the park’s magical allure.

We hope you adore these delightful snapshots of Chilli’s picnicking escapades as much as we do! Follow Chilliwawa on Instagram to join in on his exciting adventures.

As the temperature rises, Chilli also wants to ensure your furry friends stay cool during the hot summer days. Here are some safety tips:

  • Always provide a water bowl filled with cool water for your pup.
  • Consider getting a cooling coat for your dog.
  • Make sure your furry companion has access to shaded areas.
  • If your dog enjoys safe fruits like strawberries, they can serve as a tasty and hydrating treat.
  • Lastly, avoid going for walks during the hottest hours of the day.
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