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An Ultrafast Future for Rural Communities: Quickline Unveils New Brand Identity

“Lightning fast life. Wherever you live it”.  That’s the message from Quickline Communications as the company unveils its new brand identity. 

Quickline, which recently announced itself as the first company in the UK to offer standalone 5G technology, has doubled the size of its workforce in the last six months.  This, along with their new fibre to the premises (FTTP) network, means they can reach the rural areas others cannot.

Quickline remains focused on evening up the digital divide by bringing superfast and ultrafast broadband speeds to over 500,000 premises in rural communities that have, up to now, had unacceptable broadband connectivity.

These plans have been accelerated by the £500m investment from new owners, Northleaf Capital Partners, have outlined for the business over the coming years. 

Sean Royce, CEO of Quickline, said:

“We are thrilled to unveil the new look Quickline to the world.  Our brand really needs to keep up with the speed the company is growing and the market leading technologies we are deploying as well as the increased speeds we are able to offer our customers – and we are confident we’ve achieved that.

“We also wanted to make it as easy as possible for our customers to have all the information they needed at their fingertips, so our new website has been designed to be more user friendly, dynamic and educational, building on the historic legacy of being a rural broadband provider and investing in the communities we serve.” 

Quickline says the new look reflects both the rural communities it champions as well as the company’s growth and evolution.

The three concentric circles forming the ‘Q’ in the new logo illustrate strong connection signals.  Meanwhile, Quickline’s new tagline ‘Lightning fast life. Wherever you live it’ represents their ambitious plans and the proactive and strategic role they play in delivering fast, reliable broadband for all, regardless of geography.

Green and purple are the new branding colours ensuring the Quickline vans are instantly recognisable to customers in the community along with the engineers in their new uniforms.  Green was chosen to symbolise rural communities, nature, warmth and growth while purple signifies the groundbreaking technology Quickline uses, its strong ambitions as well as the company’s energy and loyalty to its customers and staff.

Sean Royce continued:

“While Quickline may look completely different we want to reassure our customers that they remain at the heart of everything we do.  They are always our first priority.  We are still a Northern-based business providing a local, personalised service for them 24/7, with excellent customer service and technical support that we hope sets us apart from other faceless providers.  Added to that, we are still very much focused on delivering the lightning fast, reliable broadband they deserve.  Rural communities are entitled to the same broadband speeds that cities are now getting and that is what Quickline is here to provide.”

The brand refresh also comes with new packages and price promises.  For more information, visit our fabulous new website or call 01482 247365.

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