Sergey Karshkov: Previous 9 Pandas Projects

D. Kahneman, Nobel laureate, suggests that human behaviour is the result of interactions between the subconscious and conscious mind. While the conscious mind rationalises and analyses, the subconscious encompasses emotions, feelings and base level awareness,  controlling instinctive and innate behaviours.

Although logical thought is controlled by the conscious mind, the subconscious has a strong impact on human behaviour and is a surprisingly powerful element of decision-making. By appealing to the subconscious mind, advertisers can trigger brand and product affinity amongst consumers. Psychology-savvy marketers therefore recognise that, in order to provoke a positive outcome, they need to appeal to both the subconscious and conscious mind.

This was the guiding principle for 9 Pandas’ ‘Pile of People’ commercial for BetWinner, manifesting the desire of consumers to compete and win. A leading online betting site known for its unparalleled customer support and wide scope of markets, BetWinner offers a range of different services, including an online sportsbook and online casino. With a secure and reliable website supporting more than 140 different payment methods, BetWinner also operates a simple-to-navigate mobile app.

9 Pandas was founded by Sergey Karshkov, a marketing expert with extensive experience and unique insights into the advertising industry. 9 Pandas also partnered with BetWinner to produce the ‘He Is Not BetWinner to You’ commercial, featuring a rich male protagonist with a fleet of supercars who is plagued by the buzz of drones everywhere he goes.

Media buying agency LeadRate contacted 9 Pandas, commissioning the company to design a new landing page. LeadRate did not have a specific technical brief but simply sought to differentiate itself from its market rivals, highlighting the company’s value proposition. Given complete creative freedom, 9 Pandas analysed the websites of LeadRate’s main competitors, noticing a common trend for a simple landing page conveying basic information and outlining services in a factual and emotionless way.

Leveraging the power of emotional marketing to appeal to visitors in a more human and personal way, 9 Pandas created an entirely new concept, culminating in a creative design with a cyberpunk edge, the landing page presenting a series of illustrations nuancing the increasing cyberization of modern life. 9 Pandas incorporated a human element, with crowds bustling beneath billboards and skyscrapers. Upon closer inspection, the visitor can see that each person in the crowd is distracted, looking down at the screen of a mobile device – a common occurrence in everyday life.

9 Pandas has worked with clients on numerous high-profile marketing campaigns over the years. The company also formulated a creative design concept for Top Dog, a company that specialises in bare-knuckle fights. Evocative of the style of the Guy Richie film Snatch, the concept incorporated ‘signs-symbols’ for each fighter symbolising their unique fighting path and promoting their personality, allowing them to tell their own individual story.

9 Pandas is an organisation with a strong reputation as an employer of choice, supporting both the professional and personal development of its employees. The company also provides staff with a recreational area, free refreshments and meals, and a comfortable working environment free from specific dress code and bureaucracy.

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