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Foyne Jones Promotes Holly Spring To Brand Director

Foyne Jones, recruiter of choice for the KBB, Builder’s Merchants & Construction Supplies sector is pleased to promote Holly Spring to the position of Brand Director, in recognition of her sterling results and unwavering work ethic in the last 8 years.

Peter Jones, Founder & Manager Director at Foyne Jones Recruitment Group says, “The way we’ve been able to adapt our business model around the needs of our staff is something I continue to be proud of. Holly is testament to the fact that a hybrid work environment is integral to a developing career and rewarding homelife. She has risen through the ranks, consistently delivering results to become a well-respected member among our clients’ and I am delighted to give her this well-earned promotion.

Ahead of our 20th year in business, I remain proud that we can continue to support this level of personal and professional growth with a well-deserved promotion to senior leadership. As we start to finalise plans for a complete brand refresh, to it is the perfect time to reward Holly’s success, define her role and help keep opportunities for advancement and productivity at an all-time high.”

In addition to her day-to-day recruitment responsibilities, Holly will be project-lead on all aspects of the marketing mix, with responsibility for everything from rebranding the website to showcasing success stories for candidates and clients with the very best in digital storytelling. This will include managing this globally successful podcast The Foyne Jones Show, which will soon be entering its sixth season.

Holly Spring, newly promoted Brand Director at Foyne Jones Recruitment Group says, “Having flexibility from your employer is a pipedream for many, but Peter has made it possible for me to develop my career and start a family by creating a flexible growth culture with family-friendly working policies. This promotion is more than a title to me, it is a mark of what I have been able to achieve to date, and I am thrilled to grow the Foyne Jones brand and take it to the next level so that our team can better serve our specialist sectors and communicate our offers. As part of my mission, I will soon be announcing our new Charity Partner for 2023 and collating our latest projects, so clients and candidates can better understand how we can support them. Change is constant as the trade sector adapts to new working practices, market demands and continues to manage supply chain issues.”

With 13 million parents in the UK employed and more than 1.5 million people in the UK now working from home, employers need to level the playing field and look at how they can support working families and not play into stereotypes that will ultimately be counterproductive. An employer’s ability to provide a family-friendly workplace and next-generation company culture like flexible working and access to childcare services, is critical to optimising employee wellbeing and ensuring greater business success across the board.

Now, in her ninth year at Foyne Jones, Holly is proud to have worked her way up from KBB Recruitment Specialist in 2015, Associate Director in 2017, and now Brand Director. She continues, “I truly believe that a business is only as good as its people. Foyne Jones is based on changing people’s lives and that’s exactly why I love it! I am particularly proud of our company’s commitment to fresh thinking including our Video Interview Platform, which reflects the ways in which technology can streamline and speed up decision making so our clients and candidates can be matched quickly and easily.”

Foyne Jones is on a mission to rip up the recruitment rule book and disrupt the status quo. It’s new marketing and branding will clarify its high-energy approach and bespoke services so clients can instantly understand the benefits of working in partnership with a leading recruiter.

Peter adds “Clients and customers can look forward to an exciting new website and brilliant marketing campaigns, which better reflect our core values of fun and fresh thinking. Foyne Jones is renowned for its pioneering approach to recruitment, alongside our solid commitment to lead from the front. Please join me in congratulating Holly on a job well done, and here’s to an even brighter future!”

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