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Kasra Dash TaxBite Bolton Founder

How to Save Money as a Business in Bolton: Tips, Advice & Funding Opportunities TaxBite Bolton

As a business owner in Bolton, it’s important to make sure that your finances are in order and you’re making wise choices about how to spend your hard earned money. In this article, we discuss essential tips and advice on how to save money as a business, from the various funding opportunities available to you, to the smart strategies needed to ensure that your bottom line stays healthy.

We will discuss how to save money as a business in bolton by using a local Bolton based accountancy firm

Get up-to-date information on practical ideas to help you keep costs down and get the most out of every penny spent. Read on to see what you can do starting today to safeguard your business and save a substantial amount of money.

Business Support

Business Bolton is like a lighthouse in the stormy seas of uncertain and challenging times, guiding medium and small sized businesses to success. They provide advice, support and the latest guidance to ensure businesses stay afloat. Businesses can access this help through the support pages on the Business Bolton website – offering mentoring, consultancy services, business finance and grants.

The website is also there for businesses with its range of services such as mentoring, consultancy and financial advice plus resources to start or grow a business including a free start-up guide. Local help finder points them towards local business support organizations that offer advice on starting up or running a business – The Chamber of Commerce being one example that represents the voice of business in the region with membership services such as access to advice, resources and support.

In short, Business Bolton provides essential aid for businesses looking to succeed during these difficult times; from their own website’s resources right through to local organisations like The Chamber of Commerce who are dedicated to representing their interests.

Trust/Grant Funds

Trust/Grant Funds are a great opportunity for businesses in Bolton to get the funds they need to grow. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to invest in new equipment, these grants can help cover your costs. We’ve partnered with several organisations to make sure eligible businesses have access to trust/grant funds. The criteria varies depending on the fund, so be sure to read up before applying!

So what’s available? Here’s a quick rundown: – New Business Start-up in Bolton Grant: Grants of up to £500 for those trading less than 12 months. – Business Growth Fund: Grants of up to £10,000 for expanding operations. – Women in Business Fund grants of up to £2,000 specifically for female entrepreneurs wanting to start or grow their business. – Small Business Finance loans of up to £50,000 – perfect if you need some financial support! – Social Enterprise Fund grants of up to £10,000 – ideal if you want to turn your ideas into reality!

Need more info? Don’t hesitate – our advisors are here and ready to help!


Accurate accounting is the lifeblood of any business. Without it, companies are like a ship without a rudder – unable to steer their financial future. Properly managed accounting gives businesses an eagle-eyed view of their finances and the power to make wise decisions. Plus, potential investors and partners will take a close look at your books before deciding whether or not to invest in you.

You need to keep track of pay, benefits, business finance, company debt, investments and taxes – all these records are essential for staying on top of your money matters. For instance, tracking monthly expenditure can help you find ways to save cash. You also have to be aware of the cost of living crisis, which could have serious implications for your bottom line.

Don’t forget about employee holiday pay either! Making sure everyone is paid correctly and there’s enough money available is key here. And don’t forget taxes either – paying them on time and in full helps minimize tax liability while saving you money too!

In short: Accounting is vital for success in business; accurate records enable informed decisions; identify areas where money can be saved; ensure taxes are paid on time; careful management leads to financial success!

Grants for New Business Start-Ups Bolton

Starting a business can be a real challenge – but don’t worry, there’s help! Businesses in Bolton have access to grants that can lighten the financial burden. Local partners are eager to support start-ups and offer grants ranging from £250 to £500 depending on the project or initiative. To get your hands on this money, you’ll need to meet certain criteria – like creating jobs. But where do you find out more? The Bolton Council business finance website is an awesome resource for businesses looking for grants and other sources of support. In short, there are plenty of grants available in Bolton that make starting a business easier!


Businesses in Bolton have plentiful options for saving money in both the short and long term. From taking advantage of grants and trust funds, to seeking professional advice, there are an abundance of services and guidance available to companies looking to get ahead financially.

It is important to recognize that all the available financial support comes with rules and criteria which must be met and adhered to – this includes, but is not limited to, applying via the correct channels and maintaining a healthy accountancy system. For many, especially those in the early stages of starting a business, this can be a daunting experience.

Thankfully, the services offered by Business Bolton provide invaluable help for small businesses navigating their way through the complexities of modern finance management. They are well-equipped with the expertise and resources to ensure businesses in Bolton can save money in a secure and proficient manner.

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