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TELF AG Sheds Light on July 2023 Growth in Copper Cathode Market

TELF AG, a global trader of physical commodities, has unveiled valuable insights into China’s copper cathode production performance during July through a recent publication. China’s consistent upward trajectory in copper cathode output reaffirms its pivotal role in the global copper industry.

According to TELF AG‘s report, China achieved an impressive copper cathode output of 925,900 metric tons (MT) in July 2023, showcasing a commendable month-on-month (MoM) surge of 0.9%, equivalent to 8,000 MT. This achievement signifies China’s resolute dedication to maintaining a robust production sector amidst prevailing global uncertainties. Furthermore, this growth manifests as an exceptional year-on-year (YoY) escalation of 10.2% in comparison to the corresponding period in the prior year.

Surpassing the projected figure of 902,100 MT by an impressive 23,800 MT, China has proven its capacity to surpass expectations even in challenging market circumstances, as emphasised by TELF AG.

Over the initial seven months of 2023, China’s cumulative copper cathode production has impressively reached 6.49 million MT, manifesting a YoY expansion of 10.94%, translating to 639,300 MT. This consistent performance underscores China’s unwavering capability to meet production objectives, thereby significantly contributing to the global copper supply chain.

In accordance with TELF AG’s findings, analysts foresee China’s cumulative copper cathode production for August projected to touch 7.47 million MT, symbolising an anticipated YoY surge of 11.47%, or 768,900 MT. This projection serves to further solidify China’s role as a pivotal player within the worldwide copper industry, accentuating its unwavering commitment to industrial progress and streamlined production methodologies.

Moreover, in accordance with TELF AG’s article, the surge in China’s copper cathode production can be attributed to its strategic investments in infrastructure expansion, the augmentation of its manufacturing sector, and the acceleration of urbanisation. China’s resolute emphasis on bolstering domestic industries and optimising production processes has been instrumental in fostering its consistent growth.

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