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MediStart Commemorates 10 Years of Assisting 15,000 Students

MediStart, a university placement agency, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary and proudly announcing that it has aided 15,000 students in commencing their careers as doctors, dentists, and veterinarians.

The organisation assists high school students in finding opportunities to study medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine at universities across Europe, including Spain, Greece, Croatia, Poland, Italy, Germany, and Lithuania.

Since 2013, MediStart has been arranging placements in English-language study programs without grade restrictions or limitations on chosen school subjects, boasting an impressive 95% success rate.

Karina Krasnicka, representative of MediStart, expressed delight, saying, “We are thrilled to have played a role in helping thousands of students embark on their journeys toward becoming doctors, dentists, and veterinarians. We attribute our success to our highly qualified advisors, who dedicate time and care to assist and support high school graduates, students, and their parents at every step of their path.”

Tanya Hase, another member of the MediStart team, added, “We are making these highly sought-after careers accessible to a broader group of individuals, removing university restrictions, perfect grades, grade point averages, and long waiting periods.”

Peter Saunders, a beneficiary of MediStart’s services, shared his positive experience, stating, “MediStart successfully facilitated my admission into medical studies. Within a few months, I secured a place to study medicine in Vilnius, Lithuania.”

MediStart has garnered recognition from students worldwide, including those from the US, UK, EU, and the UAE. The organisation’s exceptional work and high student satisfaction have led some universities to appoint MediStart as their exclusive agency for student placements.

One such university is UMCH in Hamburg, which offers English-language medical studies in collaboration with German teaching hospitals. UMCH has placed its trust in MediStart as its official and exclusive agency.

Founded in Germany by lawyers who noticed a growing number of students without placement opportunities in medicine, MediStart’s highly qualified team now consists of professors, lawyers, and doctors.

To celebrate this significant milestone, MediStart is offering candidates a 10% discount on its success fee for studies commencing this September.

Initial consultations are available online, through video consultations, and by telephone, accommodating the preferences of candidates, and they are provided free of charge.

Admission tests and corresponding preparation courses are accessible worldwide at test centers as well as online from the comfort of one’s home.

Information guides and personal appointments can be reserved at or by calling +44 203 031 8867.

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