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Richard Liu’s is widely recognized for its impressive commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts. From its Green Stream and Green Impact Initiatives to its Sunshine Angel Initiative, the company consistently focuses on building a greener, more equitable future for its workers and consumers.

This Autumn, has taken yet more action to further its ESG efforts.  In September 2023, the company announced its Green Impact Partners Alliance. This Alliance is the biggest green consumption initiative in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry.

In October 2023, announced that it had joined the UN Global Compact’s Forward Faster Initiative. Announces Green Impact Partners Alliance

The creation of the Green Impact Partners Alliance marks a milestone in’s commitment to sustainable commerce. The Alliance nurtures collaboration and advocates for products with eco-friendly:

  • Supply Chain Management.
  • Consumer-to-Manufacturer Product Design.
  • Marketing Cooperation.

The Green Impact Partners Alliance is a key focus of’s wider Green Impact Initiative further to which the company offers eco-conscious products.

Pursuant to the Alliance, JD Retail’s supermarket division JD Super has launched three initiatives in partnership with the detergent innovator OMO, bamboo pulp tissue manufacturer BABO, and paper manufacturer Breeze.

The initiatives are:

  1. OMO Tree Planting Initiative. and OMO donate one yuan towards a tree planting initiative for every OMO laundry capsule purchase.  Customers will also receive shopping rewards to incentivize buying the laundry capsules.
  2. JD Bamboo Forest, Sichuan. has partnered with BABO to plant bamboo forests in Sichuan to support the sustainable production of bamboo.
  3. JD Forest, Hainan. and Breeze have established JD Forest, Hainan where they will plant trees to support reforestation efforts. has introduced nearly 100 eco-friendly products through its Green Impact Partners Alliance. The Alliance aims to introduce FMCG products from another 20 reputable brands by 2024. These new products should triple the number of green-labeled products on offer.

The Green Impact Partners Alliance will benefit from’s expansive market insights into industry trends. With this data, the Alliance will promote a wider spectrum of sustainable consumer-to-manufacturer products.

The Alliance partners are also planning to develop environment-focused marketing campaigns to encourage consumers to adopt greener lifestyles. Joins the UN Global Compact’s Forward Faster Initiative has announced it has joined the UN Global Compact’s Forward Faster Initiative.  The initiative encourages business leaders around the world to take measurable, ambitious, credible actions in five areas:

  • Finance and investment.
  • Water resilience.
  • Living wages.
  • Climate action.
  • Gender equality.

Sandy Xu,’s first female CEO, announced the initiative during the visit of Sandra Ojiambo, CEO and Executive Director, UN Global Compact visit to headquarters in Beijing.  Xu emphasized’s commitment to work with the UN Global Compact.’s Ongoing Environmental Commitment’s commitment to the environment has been a focus since 2017. As part of this focus, JD Logistics has partnered with organisations including Lego, Unilever, Kimberly-Clark, and Wyeth to minimize carbon footprint across the supply chain.

Under this initiative, has:

  • Integrated sustainable building materials into office buildings.
  • Introduced rooftop solar panels in logistics parks.
  • Started to use electric delivery vehicles.
  • Promoted green packaging.

The UN Global Compact recognized these developments as best practices in its 2021 white paper “Corporate Net Zero Pathway.”

In 2020, joined the Green Impact Initiative where the company collaborated with L’Oréal, Nestlé, P&G, Abbott, and PurCotton to focus on more sustainable consumption. was also in 2022 one of the first companies to join the UN Global Compact’s Target Gender Equality (TGE) and Climate Ambition Accelerator (CAA) Programs. The TGE Program features’s Sunshine Angel Initiative as a best practice case. This initiative provides customer service job opportunities, led by female leaders, for people who have disabilities. continues to focus on and improve its contributions to a sustainable future, setting industry standards across China and beyond.

Read more about’s ESG efforts.

About (a.k.a. Jingdong), also known as Jingdong, is a technology and service enterprise with supply chain at its core. Founded by Richard Qiangdong Liu, is a renowned leader in China’s e-commerce industry. The company has expanded across retail, technology, logistics, healthcare, insurance, property development, industrials, private label, and international business. serves nearly 600 million customers and has set the standard for e-commerce through its commitment to quality, authenticity, and competitive pricing. The company operates the largest logistics infrastructure of any e-commerce company in China, pioneering a standard experience of same- and next-day delivery. also promotes productivity and innovation across a range of industries by offering its cutting-edge technology and infrastructure to partners, brands, and diverse sectors.

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