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Permutable AI Recognised for AI-Driven Sustainable Solutions in Financial Sector, Securing Second Consecutive Spot on AI Fintech 100 List

Permutable AI, a prominent provider of AI-powered solutions for the financial services industry, celebrates its consecutive inclusion in the prestigious AI Fintech 100 list. Curated by FinTech Global, the AI Fintech 100 showcases the most innovative companies leveraging artificial intelligence to revolutionise global financial services.

What sets Permutable AI apart is its commitment to both financial innovation and pioneering sustainability practices within the industry through AI technology.

While the transformative potential of AI in financial services is widely acknowledged, Permutable AI stands out by integrating sustainability principles into its AI-driven solutions. By tackling environmental and social challenges, Permutable AI leads the way in responsible and sustainable finance.

Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, Permutable AI empowers financial institutions to adopt environmentally conscious practices, optimise resource allocation, reduce carbon footprints, and align with global sustainability objectives. Their groundbreaking solutions enable businesses to make informed decisions that prioritise long-term sustainability alongside financial success.

Recognised not only for technical excellence but also for its commitment to positive social and environmental impact, Permutable AI’s focus on sustainable finance drives a greener and more socially responsible financial industry.

Wilson Chan, Founder & CEO at Permutable AI, said, “We firmly believe that AI has the potential to bring about positive change in the financial sector, and sustainability is a critical aspect of this transformation. Our inclusion in the AI Fintech 100 list for our sustainable initiatives reaffirms our dedication to reshaping the industry and building a more sustainable future.”

Permutable AI’s innovative approach to AI-driven sustainability garners attention from industry leaders and stakeholders. With their repeated inclusion in the AI Fintech 100 list, Permutable AI aims to inspire other financial institutions to embrace sustainable practices and leverage AI as a catalyst for positive change.

To discover more about Permutable AI’s groundbreaking solutions and their commitment to sustainability, please visit their website at

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