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Steps to Take After a Car Accident: A Legal Guide

Car accidents are very sudden, and anyone can experience a car crash. Sometimes, even the most expert drivers have to go through a car accident. That is why it is highly crucial to follow traffic laws no matter what.

As a driver, you are responsible for following traffic rules, fastening your seatbelt, avoiding drunk driving, and following the speed limit. Car crashes still occur after taking these necessary measures, but that’s normal. You can always fix a situation.

A personal injury attorney will  guide you through the legal aspects of a personal injury car accident claim. If you recently went through a car accident and got injured, consider filing a lawsuit to receive deserving compensation for your loss. Receiving compensation helps you recover easily without any financial pressure. Let us look into it further.

See A Medical Professional After Going Through An Accident

If you are assuming that you are okay after getting into an accident, you might be wrong. Getting a medical professional’s evaluation is highly recommended after experiencing an accident. Visit your nearest hospital and get yourself checked for any injuries.

Your injury can develop into an extremely serious condition if left untreated. One crucial aspect to remember is that your insurance provider can develop a suspicion about the authenticity of your injury.

If you fail to get the treatment on time, your insurance provider will try to decrease your compensation by labeling your injury as lame or unrelated. Even a delay of a week is enough for insurance providers to reduce the amount of compensation.

Help the Injured

This is the time when you have to think and act swiftly. If you or any of your passengers got injured, call the police and ambulances as well. Tell them how many ambulances are required. And don’t even think about moving an injured person or changing their location without any guidelines from a medical professional.

You don’t want to make their injuries worse by moving them; just make them comfortable and wait for the ambulance to arrive at the scene. Only medical professionals can tell how to move an injured person without worsening their injuries.

However, in some cases, you must move an injured person to the side of the road to save them from fast traffic and further accidents.

File A Request For A Police Report/Investigation

Suppose there are no witnesses, and you and the other party have different versions of how the accident happened. There are high chances of losing a deserving compensation in cases like these. You may also be blamed for causing an accident you did not even cause.

Thus, if you ever see yourself in a situation like that, we suggest you report it to the police and get them involved. If the at-fault party is unwilling to report it to the police or call the police, ask them to submit an acceptance of their fault and how it happened.

Collect this acceptance right there on the accident scene. They should mention their responsibility and percentage of fault in the acceptance. Ask them to sign the document and mention the date; there should be a clear reference to the accident scene and time.

Feel free to call the police if the other party is not ready to cooperate with you. However, the police cannot work on a report if there are no injury cases in an accident or no car damage more than $700. Also, you cannot file a police report if the accident happened on private property like a parking lot.

Do Not Try to Move Your Vehicle

It is vital to leave your vehicle in the same position that it came to rest after the accident. However, if there is fast or heavy traffic in that area, you should move your vehicle to the side of the road. Also, request the other driver to maintain the exact position of their car until the arrival of the police since it is the most crucial part of the evidence.

The police usually determine the fault in an accident by examining the positions of vehicles. You can also photograph the vehicles involved to ensure the security of the evidence until the arrival of the police.

That way, you will have authentic proof even if the other party tries to hide the actual evidence by changing the position of their vehicle. We recommend carrying an instant camera in your glove box for such situations.

Never Try to Settle Your Own Claim If You Have Serious Injuries

If you are going through serious injuries that require serious treatments and several follow-ups with your doctor, you should involve a legal professional. An attorney will help you get the financial settlement for your medical expenses, vehicle damages, and other sufferings.

You don’t want to treat your injuries all by yourself; you can’t be able to do that. Medical treatments can be expensive, and getting compensation should be the way to go about it.

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