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3 Muslimah Wear Taking The Modest Fashion World By Storm

Islamic culture is prominent in Malaysia, and it has created a wave of popularity for modest fashion. The popularity of modest fashion in Malaysia is growing, and more and more people are choosing Muslimah wear. The rise in Muslimah clothing is a direct response to the growing demand for modest clothing. 

Malaysians are incorporating modest clothing into their everyday life. Muslimah clothing, such as Baju Kebaya, Baju Melayu, and Baju Kurung, are all beautifully designed and great for covering up. These outfits are both stylish and modest, making them perfect for people who want to dress modestly. So, if you’re looking to shop for something casual, formal or office wear, you can easily add Muslimah clothing to your wardrobe.

Baju Kurung

Baju Kurung Is A Popular Choice Of Muslimah Wear Among Malaysian Women

Source: Gene Martino

Baju Kurung is a perfect example of Muslimah clothing as it is both stylish and modest. It is a classic style that never goes out of style and can be worn in a variety of settings, such as work, school, weddings, or casual situations.

This outfit has been around for around 200 years and was created to conform to Islam’s rules while still being aesthetically pleasing. Since its creation, the Baju Kurung has been accessorised with jewellery, embroidery, floral patterns and more to style it up while still modest.

The Baju Kurung keeps you covered from up to your sleeves and ankles, and a hijab is typically worn together with it to cover up a Muslim woman’s hair. This is such a versatile and stylish outfit; the Baju Kurung can also be worn for everyday casual activities and more.

Baju Kebaya

You Can Shop For A Trendy Baju Kebaya From Several Top Brands In Malaysia

Source: Gene Martino

Baju Kebaya is a traditional Indonesian outfit that has been worn for centuries around South East Asia. This beautiful outfit spread around and became popular in Malaysia and can be worn for many occasions. It is traditionally worn with a sarong or skirt and has been paired with long pants in the modern era. 

The Baju Kebaya is typically made from sheer fabric and is designed with intricate embroidery, floral prints and lace. This and the Baju Kurung are typically worn during official events and celebrations but are still suitable for most casual situations while maintaining modesty.

Baju Melayu

Baju Melayu Comes In Many Different Colours 

Source: Gene Martino

The Baju Melayu originated in Malaysia a long time ago and is a simple and sleek design worn by me of all ages. It is still a staple in the fashion world but is typically worn for formal occasions such as festive celebrations or weddings. It covers the body adequately and is comfortable to wear in Malaysia’s hot weather. Men usually pair it with a songkok during religious affairs to cover up their hair.

So, if you’re looking for stylish clothes while still maintaining modesty, Muslimah wear is the go-to option in the fashion world right now. There are plenty of top brands in Malaysia selling some awesome designs, so hurry and start searching for the best discounts and deals on Muslimah clothing today!

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