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El Corte Inglés does not raffle any gift for its 80th anniversary

Several users are receiving via WhatsApp the link to a supposed draw by El Corte Inglés to celebrate its 80th anniversary. However, this message is false and it is actually a phishing scam.

The application is in the top of downloads.
In the fraudulent message you can read the following: “ Congratulations! El Corte Inglés Celebration of the 80th anniversary! Through the questionnaire, you will have the opportunity to obtain a gift card worth 500 euros ”.

The 80 years of the Spanish business group took place in 2020, therefore, the idea of ​​the message has long been out of date. However, the scam continues to have its success and a proof of this is that it has been circulating on the Internet for months .

In fact, in its Twitter account the company denied in July that they were celebrating any special anniversary. In addition, they added that their campaigns are not carried out outside their website and their profiles on official social networks .

On the Maldito Bulo platform, they warn that this message is a phishing campaign that aims to take over the personal and banking data of the victims who fall into the trap.

Attackers ask for rewards through prepaid cards.
Those who believe that it is really a giveaway and click on the link redirect their mobile to a web page with a questionnaire. The users deceived fill it with your personal data to then encourage them to forward the message to other WhatsApp contact 20 to participate in a game boxes.

To avoid falling for this type of scam, do not fill in any personal information on the Internet if you are not sure that it is not a phishing attempt. Most of these fraudulent messages are sent via WhatsApp, SMS or emails and often have spelling mistakes or the sender is not the company they are posing as.

The important thing in these cases is to make sure that the message is sent with an official account. If you have doubts about whether it is a scam or not, it is best not to provide any private information until you are sure.

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