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Addressing Finance and Property Challenges for UK Faith Institutions: Legacy Summit Unites Faith Leaders

A gathering of one hundred influential Faith Leaders took place to tackle longstanding issues related to finance and property access for faith institutions in the United Kingdom.

Rehoboth Property International, a renowned real estate developer committed to constructing spaces that bring social value, successfully organised its inaugural Legacy Summit on Tuesday, 30th May 2023. The prestigious event was held at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London.

The groundbreaking summit brought together 100 esteemed church leaders from across the country with the aim of finding solutions to longstanding challenges surrounding finance and property ownership for faith institutions. The partnership between Rehoboth Property International, Charity Bank, and World Vision facilitated this unprecedented gathering, uniting pastors, ministers, and faith leaders who share a collective vision for enhancing the financial education of the church.

Distinguished speakers, including Stewart McCullough, CEO of Stewardship, delivered keynote addresses, followed by panel sessions featuring notable representatives from the finance sector such as Carolyn Sims, Director of Lending at Charity Bank, Andy Ayim OBE, and Rodney Appiah, Founder of Cornerstone VC.

The summit offered an insightful and thought-provoking program, covering a wide range of topics. Dynamic discussions and practical guidance focused on navigating the financial landscape, addressing subjects such as accessing finance through traditional means, exploring innovative funding models, and emphasising the importance of real estate investment to meet affordable housing needs. Recognising the vital role that churches play in their communities, the summit shed light on the critical need for support in the realm of property ownership.

Sanmi Adegoke, CEO of Rehoboth Property International, expressed his belief in the influential role of faith leaders in addressing the social needs of communities. He stated, “The Legacy Summit was a significant step towards equipping church leaders with the knowledge and education they need to access finance, enabling them to own their own buildings and undertake projects that have a lasting impact on their communities.”

The success of the Legacy Summit highlights the urgency and significance of addressing the financial needs of faith institutions. It has paved the way for ongoing collaboration, mentoring, and support networks that will continue to empower faith leaders as they navigate the complexities of finance and property.

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