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Tamara Gorro Reappears To Give Good News In Her Most Difficult Moment

Tamara Gorro is going through her most complicated moment on a personal level, because not only is she pending to take care of her delicate mental health – last Monday she announced that she was receiving medical treatment – but also to support her ‘princess’, Valeria, who this Thursday has been operated on for cancer.

The influencer said in her last statement that the little girl, the daughter of some friends, had to be intervened this week. However, he was optimistic, since he knew that Valería was going to overcome the operation with flying colors. And, from the looks of it, it has.

“Grande, my princess”, has advanced Gorro from the La Paz maternal and child hospital: “Today again you make us smile. You have passed another test in an excellent way. A delicate operation, but once again your strength characterizes you.”

“The road continues, it is long and difficult. But your tireless struggle will make it more bearable and end as soon as possible. Thanks again to those people who fight every day for the lives of all, the health workers,” the businesswoman wrote in an Instagram post .

Specifically, the Valencian woman thanked the surgeon “Leopoldo Martinez and all his great team at the La Paz hospital” for their work. “And of course to Sant Joan de Déu who never lets go of our hand, and they have made this coordination possible in the healing of our princess”, he pointed out.

The last words of the letter have been dedicated, as is often the case, to his “virtual family”, which makes up more than two million followers: “I no longer know how to thank you for everything. You are essential. All your messages are pure energy” .

Gorro addressed her fans this week to give them an important news: for a while she was going to stay away from Instagram to rest and empty all the stones in her backpack. She positive, she affirmed that she was going to get out of the pothole, since all the fronts that she had open were closing little by little. “From this, I leave. The Cap returns”, she assured, emphatically.

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