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How can table tennis help you progress at work?

Everyone loves table tennis, but what can it do for your career? Maybe I should start by asking you the question:

Do you want to progress in your current position, making yourself irreplaceable? Or do you want to change professions completely and work for a different company or start your own business?

Whatever your answers are – table tennis can help you meet these goals, as well as develop into a more well-rounded person. Here’s how tennis can help your progress your career and overall lifestyle.

Teaches You To Focus

Table Tennis is an outstanding sport that requires you to keep calm and play your best even when things aren’t going in your favor. As you progress with your career and make more money, the stakes get higher, and the temptations get stronger; ping pong is a game of angles, strategy, and tactics that can teach you how to best focus on your tasks at work. It also helps you channel frustrations into something positive. 

Now you wouldn’t want to thrash your brand new Zhang Jike blade onto the table just to vent out your frustration, but if you can channel your energy into playing a well-round of table tennis, you’ll have no problem applying that energy; when it comes to work! 

Helps You Network & Brings You Unexpected Opportunities

Ping pong isn’t just a fun game; it’s a powerful tool in your career, too, to make connections. If you’ve ever watched a ping pong match, you know that it’s a spectator sport. You don’t have to be an ace to appreciate the athleticism and skill involved.

Now picture this: the table tennis player takes a deep breath as he lines up his paddle with the ball. He gives it a good crack, sending the ball hurtling towards the other side of the net, where it lands near the edge of the table. It’s all over bar the shouting.

A tactical masterstroke, a display of sheer power, or bad luck? The opponents, who have been sitting calmly on their chairs and watching the match so far, suddenly leap up and begin an argument. 

The men and women at this table are no ordinary players – they are immensely successful high-flyers in business who are here to learn how to improve their game and share their enthusiasm. So you never know where your passion for table tennis may lead to, but for sure can bring you unexpected opportunities in your career. 

Improves Your Decision-Making Skills

You’re probably wondering how table tennis can help you progress at work. The answer is quite simple. Table tennis is a fast-paced game where you have to think quickly on your feet and make split-second decisions.

These skills are transferable to the workplace, where you have to quickly react to problems, adapt to changing situations, and make quick decisions.

Gives You The Chance To Unleash Leadership

Do you think ping pong is just a game? Think again. It can provide you a chance to make an impact or perhaps challenge your next-in-the-line colleague. 

Plus, it’s always a special touch when the CEO himself sits down and enjoys a match with employees. Every employee gets a chance to take on the CEO in table tennis and win eventually. That said, winning a ping pong match against the CEO isn’t easy. It takes preparation. 

I spent weeks practicing to make sure I took every chance to win. Also, having great table tennis paddles can make you a winner. Check out our top 7 best ping pong paddles under $100 that are perfect for beginners and can certainly help you thrash your way out at the smash room.

Don’t worry if you are a beginner at table tennis. For those who want to win, Table Tennis Top is a blog brought up by a former table tennis coach to help you improve your skills and turn your training into a game.

Help You Become A Positive Role Model

Enthusiasm is contagious. If you love table tennis, be enthusiastic about it. Even if your coworkers aren’t as interested in ping pong as you are, they still want to be around you when you’re in a good mood. If you seem enthusiastic, it will rub off on everyone else, and your team will want to work with you because of your positive attitude. 

Also, ping pong offers an ideal opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to self-improvement and thus gain the respect of your team. By setting high personal goals and regularly assessing performance against these goals, you will soon show yourself (and everyone else) that you’re a team player in more ways than one.

A Great Tool To Build Rapport And Even Impress Your Boss

Your enthusiasm for ping pong/table tennis will show your boss your drive to succeed. Even though your job may not have anything to do with table tennis, showing your enthusiasm while doing it help your boss see your dedication and natural ability to push yourself towards your goal. In turn, it will inspire others and make you more likable.

Help You Become Competitive

Table tennis is a fun game to play for all ages and will help you become a better player in whatever you are doing. I have been playing table tennis since I was a kid, and it has had a huge impact on my life. Playing table tennis has led me to be more competitive, practice harder, and work harder at my job. 

Help Relieve Stress and Become More Productive At Work

Not many people know how great table tennis is for relieving stress and building concentration. But it is a fun game to get your mind off work and a great way to get away from stress, making you more productive when you go back to work afterward. 

Plus, table tennis has been played at work by employees working in a variety of professions. A study conducted by the Journal of Sport Management found that table tennis helped reduce stress and improve overall health. Another study, done by The Daily Mail, found it to help build more communication skills in the workplace.

It Is A Great Way To Stay Fit     

Combine brain and brawn with table tennis! Table tennis offers a great way to exercise your body and mind. After all, this sport is all about agility, balance, and hand-eye coordination. Playing table tennis gives you a chance to improve your physical health, mental well-being and also helps you get ahead at work. 

In the office, it’s not what you know but who you know; in some cases, who you are playing too. And knowing how to play table tennis well makes that a valuable asset and Table Tennis Top is here for you.

It is a website run by one of the best table tennis players in Serbia and dedicated to providing you with the knowledge that can help progress your table tennis skills. You can catch him up and read the experiences he gained over the years to progress faster in table tennis.

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