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GROUNDTRUTH Follows Path of Success, Launching Pre-Orders for Ed Stafford Collaboration Duffel Bag

London, UK: GROUNDTRUTH, a leading luggage and accessory startup creating travel bags from 100% recycled materials and captured CO2 emissions, has launched its latest campaign and product – THE 38L HYBRID DUFFLE PACK  in collaboration with renowned explorer Ed Stafford. The sustainability startup is crowdsourcing funding AND also community and pre-sale data to accurately gauge the demand for the new product. This novel approach allows it to only produce what is needed, minimising waste and maximising efficiency. Keeping with the ethos of prioritising ethical production and ensuring every single textile in the range is not only made from 100% recycled material, it minimises harmful emissions and the use of water and energy to ensure that products are produced in the most ecologically protective way possible.

GROUNDTRUTH, founded by three sisters Sophia, Nina and Georgia Scott, who have over a decade of experience as documentary filmmakers with their film production company GroundTruth Productions – creating hard-hitting films which share the plight of people around the world. The sisters are now able to use those stories and experiences to create a brand that is transparent and ecocentric by design.

The Kickstarter campaign which launched on 28th March and is due to end on 3rd of May showcases the 38L Hybrid Duffle for early adopters, enabling them to bag (sorry) a discounted deal prior to the full-scale launch. This summer, it  will be available through GROUNDTRUTH’s website and in retailers alongside the award winning 23L Backpack and 17L Technical Tote in the range.  Capital raised through Kickstarter will help fund the production and shipping of the product to all the backers, prior to the general launch.

With over two years of development, GROUNDTRUTH has launched a unique patent-pending technology where captured CO2 emissions are embedded within their recycled plastic hardware – creating a unique range of CO2-enhanced bags and accessories. This is the first-of-its-kind technology that takes our already carbon-neutral operations to net-zero by embedding part of the product’s CO2 footprint within the item itself.

This design philosophy has created a resilient and stylish range of bags and accessories designed for exploration that can transition seamlessly through cities, across continents and within the most extreme of environments. Using the founders’ experience as investigative documentary filmmakers, GROUNDTRUTH’s ecosystem of partners are all Bluesign®-certified manufacturers who share the same ethos.

Minimising harmful emissions and any excess use of water and energy, ensures that products are produced in the most ecologically protective way possible.

GROUNDTRUTH’s debut range won the Public Vote for the Dezeen 2020 Award for best design. It also won Gold at the Good Design Awards, and its RIKR Technical Tote was named in Gear of the Year by Wired in 2021.

Georgia Scott, founder and CEO of GROUNDTRUTH comments:

“GROUNDTRUTH has stepped outside the traditional boundaries of business, instead we are forging new paths to creating real meaningful impact and help drive the fashion and manufacturing industries to a much more responsible and healthier future. GROUNDTRUTH is firmly grounded in truth and transparency, and with this core belief we feel confident that we can help create real long-lasting change.”


“GROUNDTRUTH… a perfect example of a new generation of companies set up with morals. Sure it wants to be successful – but at any cost? No. These sisters want to do things the right way, and if every company did that, we really would be going a long way to solving the World’s problems.”

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