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Moneyhub’s Open Banking APIs Now Available Via AWS Marketplace

Moneyhub, the award-winning Open Data platform for Open Banking, Open Finance, and Open Data applications has today announced its APIs are now available through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace, the managed software catalogue that allows businesses to easily access, install and invoice software from trusted vendors. .

Moneyhub is offering its Open Banking APIs, Open Banking Affordability, and Categorisation services through the marketplace, alongside a host of its other capabilities. Moneyhub’s award winning Open Banking API allows businesses to provide smart nudges powered by machine learning and AI, to help customers achieve better financial outcomes, instant account to account payments and much more. While its Open Banking Affordability and Categorisation will enable businesses to check eligibility and affordability for certain products and services.

Businesses using these products will be able to unlock the potential of Open Banking and move beyond that to use the power of Open Data to fuel their customer-focused initiatives.

As well as offering ‘self-service subscription’ products, Moneyhub will also be offering ‘seller private offer subscriptions’ for those who want to build their own solution using Moneyhub’s APIs or those who want to consult with Moneyhub to develop a bespoke solution for them to easily and quickly deploy the technology and to enable them to invoice centrally through AWS.

Businesses wanting to use Moneyhub’s services can also buy using the AWS point-system.

Joanne Briggs, Head of Partnerships and Alliances at Moneyhub comments:“Listing via AWS is an exciting development for Moneyhub and our API and personal finance technology divisions specifically. It allows more customers to use consent-driven data to improve their customers’ financial lives.

“AWS gives potential customers fast access to the capabilities we offer that they and their customers will benefit from as well as allowing them to leverage their committed cloud spend easily.”

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