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ZeptoMetrix Unveils PROtrol: Unmatched Quality Control Material for Lateral Flow Immunoassays

ZeptoMetrix® proudly presents PROtrol TM, an exceptional range of products specifically crafted for antigen-based diagnostic methods. These meticulously developed materials, serving as third-party references, accurately replicate clinical specimens, enabling the evaluation and monitoring of the performance of antigen-based assays, particularly lateral flow immunoassays employed in infectious disease diagnostics.

Setting itself apart, PROtrol stands as the sole whole organism reference material that provides comprehensive testing data. Each product lot is accompanied by crucial information, including protein concentration and TCID50 value, significantly reducing qualification testing requirements. With superior reproducibility, PROtrol optimizes financial resources and processing time by minimizing the need for repeated testing.

Dr. Karuna Sharma, Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer, expressed, “The rapidly expanding development of antigen-based assays has underscored certain quality challenges. Inactivated, whole organism controls purposefully designed for antigen tests empower manufacturers with the tools necessary to assess their assays’ performance, ultimately leading to higher quality tests in the market.”

Leading the PROtrol product line is PROtrol SARS-Related Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Isolate: USA-WA1/2020* (PROSARS(COV2)-587). As we venture beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, ZeptoMetrix is committed to expanding the PROtrol range, ensuring assay manufacturers have access to top-tier controls that facilitate the development of cost-effective and user-friendly diagnostics.

Evangeline Gonzalez, President of Antylia Diagnostics division, remarked, “The launch and expansion of PROtrol further solidify our position as the preferred partner for diagnostic test developers. ZeptoMetrix takes pride in the role PROtrol plays, enabling patients worldwide to access diagnostic testing more readily.”

To learn more about ordering the new PROtrol and explore additional ZeptoMetrix products, please visit:

About ZeptoMetrix® ZeptoMetrix® holds a prominent position as an industry leader, offering innovative and high-quality solutions to the infectious disease diagnostics market. With expertise in molecular diagnostics, including external quality controls, verification panels, proficiency panels, as well as customized and OEM products/services, ZeptoMetrix sets the standard for performance and reliability. As the preferred choice for independent third-party quality control materials, ZeptoMetrix continues to redefine excellence in the field.

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Global Product Manager
(716) 715-7417

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