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Strong Roots Partners with Omne as Foodservice Marketing Agency

Omne has been selected by McCain to lead the launch of the Strong Roots brand into the foodservice and hospitality sector, following a successful decade-long partnership in building the McCain Foodservice Solutions business.

Strong Roots is a rapidly-growing food brand that has garnered a loyal customer base across Europe and the US. With a focus on high-quality, nutritious plant-based frozen food products, Strong Roots aims to inspire people to incorporate more vegetables into their diets and drive positive change through sustainable practices.

In the foodservice industry, Strong Roots aims to bring excitement to menus with its ‘veg-first’ approach. To ensure the brand enters the market with innovative and relevant menu ideas, Omne has teamed up with menu and hospitality experts, Egg Soldiers.

Omne and Egg Soldiers have collaborated on various culinary projects for clients in recent years, and the team will support the launch by creating on-trend and profitable menu solutions using the Strong Roots range. This collaboration will help operators quickly incorporate Strong Roots products into their menus.

Mark Hodge, VP Marketing at McCain, expressed confidence in Omne’s ability to launch the new brand, stating, “Given their track record of success, knowledge of the market, and their creative and innovative approach, it made perfect sense to entrust Omne with the challenge of introducing this exciting new brand into the foodservice and hospitality market, especially considering McCain’s recent investment in Strong Roots.”

Michael Gividen, CEO of Omne, expressed the agency’s enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, “We are thrilled to work with Strong Roots and help establish the brand in the foodservice and hospitality sectors. This collaboration allows us to start from scratch, defining the brand’s focus and how it can add value to operators’ menus.”

With Omne’s expertise and the collaboration with Egg Soldiers, the launch of Strong Roots in the foodservice and hospitality sectors is poised to be a promising endeavor.

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