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Niche Dispute Finance Boutique Ventures into Fresh Industry Realm

Greenpark Global, a refined establishment within the swiftly burgeoning domain of litigation investment, has disclosed its incursion into an uncharted territory propelled by remarkable expansion.

Situated in Dubai, Greenpark Global emerges as a purveyor of gateways into exclusive litigation assertions. Presently, the establishment has set its sights on Family Offices that seek to engage in ventures concerning high-yield litigation assertions. These ventures form the cornerstone of a novel investment bond proffered by a dependable associate, Balqis Capital. The latter entity boasts a listing on the Vienna MTF exchange.

The Fixed Income Bond by Balqis Capital, boasting an enticing 10.25% yield, extends the opportunity for investors to align with half a decade’s worth of expertise within the arena of litigation financing. The symbiotic affiliation between Balqis Capital and Greenpark Global has witnessed the influx of more than $50 million across various undertakings, all of which have recorded a pristine record—no capital loss—throughout this interval.

Balqis Capital is armed with a conduit brimming with a manifold array of litigation pacts in the pre-settlement phase (advancements). Over the impending half-year period, these will be executed one after the other. The anticipated temporal vista for the culmination of these investments lies within the span of 12 to 24 months.

The domain of litigation has undergone substantial augmentation in recent times, and its capacity to yield worldwide revenues to the tune of $25.8 billion by the year 2030 remains a subject of anticipation.

In the words of Laura Mann, the Founder of Greenpark Global: “Litigation financing, serving as an unconventional investment avenue, proffers an inventive route to amplifying returns and introducing diversification to an investor’s portfolio.

“Over the last quinquennium, we’ve attained remarkable returns in collaboration with high-net-worth investors. Now, we stand poised to present our services to an untapped sector.

“This transition not only sets the stage for our firm’s expansion but also entices a distinct brand of investor—one keen on ventures demanding substantial input yet promising high yields.”

For those eager to delve further into the offerings of Greenpark Global, a visit to will provide a comprehensive understanding.

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