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4 Ways You Can Make Money With A Brokerage Account

Today most people are concerned about their finances. The last few years have seen an avalanche of unfavourable conditions, including economic crashes, pandemics, and even war. All of these are having a direct effect on household incomes.

The result is people are looking for new ways to make money. Opening a brokerage account with a reputable firm will provide you with an array of options to make money.

1.     Currency Trading

There are two types of currency trading. The first is to purchase a set amount of one currency and then sell it. Your aim is to buy the currency when the rate is favourable for you and sell it when it’s favourable for the currency you have bought.

For example, if the £1 is worth $1.5 then you can buy $15 for $10. When the currency changes and your £1 is worth $1.3, you can convert the $15 back to £11.54, generating you a return on your income.

However, to make large returns you need to invest a substantial amount of funds. That’s why most people prefer to trade in currency movements. You simply predict which way the exchange rate will move and trade accordingly. You’re buying a contract, not the currency, reducing the amount you need to invest but still allowing you to profit if the exchange rate has moved in the right direction.

Ideally, you’ll want a brokerage account that offers both options.

2.     CFDS

CFDS is contracts for differences and is effectively the same as the second currency trade. The main difference is that there is a wide array of financial instruments you can invest in and, if you predict the movement correctly, you’ll generate reasonable returns.

3.     Share CFDS

Share CFDS is normally offered as part of the same brokerage account. It allows you to trade on the stock market without having to purchase stocks and shares. Again, buying stocks and shares means a sizeable capital investment with a return tied to the share price increase.

When you purchase a contract for differences you simply need to predict the right movement regarding share prices, this can be up or down. If the share moves as you predict in the time allowed you generate a return on your investment.

4.     Simply Saving

Saving is a good way to get richer providing you have an account that is working for you. Instead of just putting spare funds into a savings account which is producing next to no interest, place the funds in your brokerage account and let the broker handle the funds for you.

This takes the stress out of trading and the broker can manipulate larger sums of money to generate returns. Of course, there is a risk that you’ll lose the funds you’ve invested. But, this risk exists with any financial trading via brokerage accounts.

That’s why, before you open your brokerage account, make sure you know how much money you can afford to lose and invest only that.

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