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Looking to buy a property in Clapham? Here are the top 5 areas for buyers

Famously known as London’s urban village, Clapham is the favourite choice of residence in Southern London for most families, young professionals and students. Clapham comes under one of the many posh areas in London and most desired by families wanting to lead a private lifestyle. Clapham is sandwiched between Brixton and Battersea and precisely occupies the southwest region of London. This area is safer and more peaceful compared to other boroughs of London, and properties can be obtained with the help of Clapham estate agents.

The vast expanse of greenery and large open spaces makes the region look livelier and more spacious. Clapham is well-linked with other parts of London. The tube stations at Clapham South, Clapham North and Clapham Common are connected to the western parts of London and can be reached there within 15 minutes. Life at Clapham will be more than just peaceful. One side of Clapham will enjoy the quiet neighbourhoods, while the other side of Clapham will relish the vibrance of busy lanes with pubs and restaurants.


Clapham North is a peaceful place that is budget-friendly for its residents. The residents and students of Clapham North enjoy a large variety of restaurants and bars. The town is ideal for students and graduates living in Clapham North because they can avail themselves of flatshares with fellow students taking the help of London estate agents. Clapham North has its own underground and overground railway station, making it easier for the young people who live there to commute. The number of cyclists is high, and most people prefer cycling to workplaces and colleges. The southern end of Clapham North has three roads that lead up to Brixton. So, people who love to travel can reside in the Southern end and enjoy a wholesome life.


Even though the name of the area is Clapham Junction, it is located precisely at Battersea. Most of the young professionals prefer to live in Clapham junction with the help of Letting Agents in Clapham for the best shops, cocktail bars and restaurant options the city gives. Clapham Junction is famous for its busy streets and railway station bustling with people throughout the day. Similar to Clapham North, this region is pocket friendly for its residents. Clapham Junction is the busiest station in London, from where Waterloo and Victoria can be reached within 10 minutes. People who wish to stay out of the fully packed tubes can opt for roadways where buses are connected to many other regions of London.  


 People who love spending more time outdoors can choose to live here. Clapham Common is a large triangular park spread over a vast area of 220 acres in the central part of Clapham town. This region of the city has got a huge network of footpaths specifically for cyclists and joggers. Clapham Common is best suited for families and children for the number of schools and parks available for them. Orlando Reid Southwest London and central London estate agents can help you find the perfect home here. The cost of living in Clapham Common lies on the border of not so expensive and extravagant. This neighbourhood is the central region of Clapham city. This place is an ideal venue for those who love to engage in fitness boot camps and more!


Clapham South is farther away from the main city of Clapham and ideal for families in general. This region is lined up with the classic Edwardian homes amidst a calm neighbourhood. Many spacious townhouses have been refurbished into modern flats to enable more residents. There are plenty of schools in Clapham South, and this is why most people rush into this region to raise their families. The tube station of Clapham South is bound with plenty of markets and stores where most of the region’s population can be seen for a cup of coffee, flowers, relishing the local foods and more. Travelling from South to Common is an effortless journey from where other parts of London can be accessed.


 Families that are ready to spend a fortune for the beautifully built Victorian and Georgian homes with beautiful terraces can head over to Clapham Old Town. Old Town is in the close vicinity of Clapham Common where the residents can thoroughly enjoy the perks of transport links, high street shopping centres and green open spaces. Unlike other places at Clapham, Old Town takes a back seat and is calmer and more stress-free comparatively. Old Town is a collection of streets that is linked to the Clapham Common. These streets are surrounded by cafes, bars, restaurants, interior design stores and more. Living in Old Town gives the perfect village feel while still living close to the London suburbs.

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