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Diet Apps That Will Help you Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Weight loss is no joke, period. There are times when you just want to give up on healthy eating and munch on the cheeseburger that your friend is eating. But that’s something you shouldn’t do because you didn’t come this far to give up everything for nothing.

In doing so, you should definitely get a diet app that will keep you on track as well as motivated on your journey. Fortunately, we’ve prepared a list of the best diet apps that you can get for your journey.

These apps come with some amazing features, making them quite a pick. And since you need real-time tracking, it’s imperative to keep these connected with your smart devices such as your phone and watch.

For that purpose, you need an internet connection with limitless data and good coverage. We recommend checking out plans from Xfinity since it serves the purpose. Simply connect with their support by calling the Xfinity customer service number and getting the plan of your choice. With this, let’s check out the diet apps we were talking about earlier:

1.    Lifesum

Available on iOS and Android, Lifesum is here to bring a variety of diet-based catalogs to make the journey easier and enjoyable. The immense database consists of a number of elements including ingredients, recipes, and more, making it easier to find anything related to your diet.

Moreover, it promotes healthy living by bringing a list of easy-to-make recipes as well as habit trackers, keeping you on track. You can also sync it easily with other devices without any hassle.

However, there’s no free version and you’ll have to buy the monthly plans to get started. But, the price is something that you’re willing to pay for boosting your morale and remain on top of your diet game, right?

2.    Lose It!

Literally, even the name states it! Lose It! is your pathway to finally losing the weight that has been pulling you down the stairs of opportunity. Available for iOS and Android, the app comes with an easy tracking feature that measures your goals and ensures you’re adhering to them.

In addition, there’s a free version too that you can get started with, and you can also access the community feature with this version. Plus, there’s a large database to access for all kinds of nutrients and foods you want to find according to your diet plan.

Oh, and you can also use its barcode scanner to find the foods you’re looking for. However, for accessing the planned meals, exercises based on your diet preferences, and more, you’ll need to get the premium version, which is somewhat of a hassle.

3.    MyMacros+

If you’re looking for an app that features macro tracking for foods and diet plans, then look no further when you have MyMacros+. The app, available for iOS and Android, comes with a huge database of over 5 million foods, making it easier to find your personalized ingredients.

In addition, you can also save recipes for using them later and can even implement diet tracking without any internet service. Amazing right? Furthermore, you can also add nutritional values to snacks that you’re consuming other than your diet foods.

Plus, you can also add water tracking, making it easier to get improved metrics for your diet plans. However, all of these features do make things complicated. Plus, there’s no free version so you’ll have to pay for the premium one to get started.

4.    PlateJoy

As cool as the name sounds, PlateJoy is here to keep you associated with your diet goals with a little joy. Available on iOS and Android, the app is amazing when it comes to getting personalized plans based on your diet preferences.

In addition, you can also access an enlarged category of grocery lists as well as get nutrition-based plans from professional nutritionists and chefs, which is somewhat a unique feature that makes it stand out.

Apart from this, you have menus with data points that help differentiate between the important and unnecessary elements of consumption. You also get an optional grocery delivery feature from associated stores/ brands.

However, the recipe features may not be as exotic as the ones features in the choices above. But that’s something you can figure out on your own.

5.    Noom

The important element of diet plans is developing a habit that will keep you occupied with it. That’s something Noom is quite famous for. It’s one of its selling points, and with its personalized diet plans, it incorporates behavioral science, making it easier for the user to stick to them in the long run.

In addition, the app incorporates whole foods in the diet plans offered as well as features daily lesions so that you remain educated. However, even with a trial period, the plans are quite expensive, and with its element of behavioral psychology, the app can be a bit overwhelming to use.

But if you stick to it, you can not only develop healthy eating habits as well as maintain quite a healthy lifestyle.

Closing Thoughts

Well, what’re you waiting for? With these amazing diet apps, you can now get started on achieving your health goals without any hassle. Get these today, and say that love handles goodbye!

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