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This is Beauty Revolutionises Sustainable Beauty Retail with Launch of

This is Beauty Limited, a groundbreaking e-commerce retailer, is proud to announce the launch of, a platform dedicated to providing a more sustainable approach to beauty shopping.

Driven by a passionate team committed to making a positive impact in the beauty industry, This is Beauty is taking proactive steps to address the pressing issue of unnecessary waste. Their mission is to keep imperfectly perfect products in circulation, offering a solution that promotes sustainability.

Having established a successful presence on third-party marketplaces and opened physical locations in the UK and USA, This is Beauty has now expanded its reach with the launch of an e-commerce platform and a vibrant social media community, catering to their growing direct-to-consumer (D2C) customer base.

Through strategic partnerships with leading retailers and brands, This is Beauty provides an alternative pathway for products that may have incurred damage during the supply chain process. While shopping with This is Beauty, customers may come across items with missing lids, containers showing signs of damage, or products with minor leaks. However, the contents of these products remain untouched and are in perfect condition for use. Each product undergoes thorough inspections and checks before being made available for sale.

“We acknowledge the significant waste problem within the beauty industry, considering that some products are bound to sustain damage during their supply chain journey,” stated Ian Pearson, CEO and founder of This is Beauty.

“Over the past few years, we have meticulously refined our processes in preparation for expansion. Our vision is straightforward: to provide retailers and brands with a credible channel to redistribute their damaged inventory, resulting in reduced waste and more beauty products accessible to conscious shoppers.”

With the launch of, This is Beauty aims to transform the beauty retail landscape by championing sustainability and empowering consumers who are mindful of their shopping choices.

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