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Radical proposal gain traction as Climate Disasters increases gradually

As with the time, climate changes occur due to human emission of harmful gases. Due to human activities, the climate of the earth gradually with time.

Deforestation and other industrial process have significantly changed the environment of the planet. So due to weather changes, the temperature of the planet increase day by day.

Due to the gradual increase in temperature, there is an increase in the chance of disasters. We can see the rise in cases of a forest fire, and the flood chances are increasing.

So due to climate-changing, human beings are greatly affected. To maintain the earth’s environment, many researchers in various institutions and many government agencies are trying to invest money on the possible solution to this problem.

A strategy for reducing the temperature of the earth gain importance with time. Solar geoengineering is a strategy by which more of the sun’s energy may be reflected into space to reduce the earth’s temperature.

As with the time, due to human activities, the temperature of the earth increases gradually. There is also an increase in global warming, which is the primary reason for increasing the chance of floods, wildfires, hurricanes, and other disasters.

Most of the experts and researchers are trying to find out any solution to this devastating climate change.

The Director of the Sabin Center, which is the center for climate change law Michael Gerrard said that we all human beings and other living organisms are in constant threat due to climate change.

He said that we must have to find out the possible solution to this problem.

For the research on climate change, Silver Lining, a nonprofit organization, said that he would give 3 million dollars to different universities to find out any solution to this problem.

This nonprofit organization announces this fund on Wednesday. The purpose of the research included studying how to make brighter and more transparent the cloud by shooting specific sized particles and surveying the supply of food throughout the world.

The executive director of nonprofit organization SliverLining, Kelly Wanser, said that the world is in constant threat.

So we must-tries to protect human and the environment in such alarming condition. She said that we must make our globe suitable for living and we must work on making our climate safer.

The process of cooling the earth by using aerosol and injecting these aerosols, into the atmosphere upper layer.

The aerosol particles will help reflect away the light of the sun away from the planet. According to Douglas MacMartin, this process of cooling the world would be useful.

In one of the interviews, Douglas MacMartin said that he is sure that we could cool the planet. He said that he is 100 percent sure that the earth could be cold down.

He said that due to climate changing, the risk of a forest fire, flood, and hurricane increases day by day. He said that depending upon the region, the effect of injecting aerosols is different.

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