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A record increase in number of new cases report in Poland

A new record is made in Poland in daily COVID 19 cases. Twenty-one thousand eight hundred ninety-nine new cases were reported on Sunday in Poland.

As we know that coronavirus is a contagious disease, issues by aerosol. Thus social gathering is the main reason for spreading the disease.

This virus may transfer from one person to another by sneezing, coughing or by in contact with the infected one. Social gathering is the leading case of spreading these.

Coronavirus is the pandemic which significantly affects the whole world. The treatment for the coronavirus is still not available. Thus it is a fatal disease.

As in these days, a massive protest is started in Poland on abortion ruling, which is passed in the previous week.

So as we know that coronavirus spread through social gathering. So protest is the leading case of the spread of disease. Last week Constitutional Tribunal pass rules regarding abortion.

A ban is made on abortion by the Constitutional Tribunal, which results in protest of people.

It is already warned by the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) that the protest may result cause an increase in the number of new cases of coronavirus. As in complaint, social distant may not be maintained.

The protest could increase the chance of the spread of the virus because some people may be asymptomatic to the novel virus. So they may be the possible cause of reach of the virus.

However, some immunologists say that most of the people who are protesting have kept the social distance, and they have worn the protective equipment. They have followed SOPs. So the chance of spread of disease is lowered.

On Friday, Klementyna Suchanow, a police writer and the activist from Strajk Kobiet, the organizer of the protest said that the government should have to concern on purchasing test to avoid the spread of the virus.  

As with the time, there is arise new cases of coronavirus. So the government must have to take actions to avoid the spread of such contagious disease.

The government has been badly criticized for not taking action to control the spread of the virus. They are being charged for failing to prevent the spread of disease.

Enough tests for coronavirus detection is not done, and the government is failed to prepare itself for a second wave of the spread of coronavirus.

There is a shortage of placing the patients of coronavirus in the spreading room to avoid the spread of disease. And most patients require ventilators, but there is a shortage of respirators in the hospitals.

On Saturday, the health minister said that the coronavirus patients occupy 1305 ventilators and 161444 beds’. A day before the number of beds occupied by patients was 15444.

Total coronavirus cases reported are 362731 with the death of 5631, and the population of the country is 38 million. Cementers on All Saints Day on Saturday will be closed according to the order of government.

However, until Friday, the government plane was to not close cemeteries on All Saints Day. But due to bad condition, they have to close the cemeteries on All Saints Day.

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