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Brand new good news only website celebrates launch in Belfast

With attendees from local businesses, influencers and people who are generally over the constant carousel of negative news, the launch night for Tell Me The Good News was a huge success.

Launched by the brains behind Ireland’s biggest independent travel site – Ireland Before You Die, the team aims to break the chain of negative news stories by publishing uplifting and celebratory news articles from across the globe.

The launch party was held on the 17th of November, where around 100 guests arrived in force to learn all about the new good news website.

About Tell Me The Good News 

Tell Me The Good News came to be during the first lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic in Belfast in 2020. 

People around the world were becoming despondent with the constant cycle of negative news that seemed to be endlessly on rotation on every news and social media outlet. 

Founder of Tell Me The Good News and Managing Director of Emerald Green Media, Stevie Haughey, said, “I was fed up with the constant negativity. I couldn’t find any good news websites with daily good news, so I made it my mission to create one”. 

Having successfully grown several much-loved websites, including Ireland Before You Die, Meanwhile in Ireland, and The World Bucket List, Haughey was confident that his team had the skills and ability to spread positive and uplifting news stories from around the world through Tell Me The Good News. 

The launch event in Belfast, Northern Ireland 

Around 100 people turned up at The Marcus Ward in Belfast City Centre to celebrate the launch with the Tell Me The Good News team. 

The attendees included local businesses and influencers, as well as many people who just loved the sound of the ethos at Tell Me The Good News. 

People travelled from all over Ireland and Scotland to attend the event, and the team couldn’t be more grateful for the efforts made to come out in support. 

There were free drinks, pizza, and prizes throughout the night, and the launch turned out to be a massive success. The social media following was boosted by hundreds overnight thanks to the event. 

Thanks to donations from local businesses and brands, such as Hinch Distillery, Bleubird clothing, Colin Glen Forest Park and many more, lots of attendees went home that evening with a smile on their faces and a prize in hand. 

The goal of Tell Me The Good News 

Good news happens all over the world every single day, but we just don’t hear about it enough. Studies have shown that hearing negative news regularly can actually be detrimental to your mental health. 

The goal of the new website is to help more positive news see the light of day. Tell Me The Good News aims to break the negative news cycle, and if we brighten one person’s day somewhere in the world with one of our articles or stories, then we have achieved what we came here to do. 

Visit the website:

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