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Rethinking Physics and Cosmology: A Paradigm Shift on the Horizon

Recent developments in the field of cosmology have thrown the accepted Standard Model of Cosmology (SMC) into question. Major cracks have appeared in the standard model of cosmology. A Nature Astronomy paper (Ref.1) claims with 99% confidence that our universe is closed, while another paper (Ref.2) suggests overwhelming odds against an open, flat, and infinite universe. These findings challenge the foundations of cosmology, leading to the recognition of eight significant shortcomings in the SMC (Ref.3A) and raising the need for a paradigm shift in our understanding of the universe.

At the same time, physics confronts its own crisis, with General Relativity (GR) and Quantum Mechanics (QM) locked in a fundamental inconsistency and a growing conflict between these two pillars of physics (Ref.3B). This crisis is openly acknowledged by physicists themselves (Ref.3C).

Subhajit Waugh, a scientist at RRCAT, has boldly proposed that the incompatibility between Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity may arise from our incorrect model of the universe (4A). He provides an alternative perspective on the shape and size of the universe (Ref.4B), which he claims could lead to a unification of physics and cosmology, approaching a ‘theory of everything.’

Waugh asserts that the universe can be likened to an ‘expanding (hyper) balloon,’ where the universe’s boundary is composed of invisible scalar fields and particles. Stars, planets, and all matter are eternally confined within this 3D hypersurface of fields. He points out that this view aligns with the FLRW metric, the foundation of the SMC, where the temporal aspect implies the movement of the 3D hypersurface with a velocity of ‘c’ in the fourth dimension. This simultaneous expansion along the radius of the universe and the apparent separation of nearby points on the balloon’s surface aligns with Hubble’s law.

Waugh argues that the notion of a four-dimensional ‘SpaceTime continuum’ is a significant mistake (Ref.8) and that merging time and space into a single entity leads to a ‘block universe’ view that contradicts our everyday experience. He claims that this mistake stems from a misunderstanding of imaginary numbers (Ref.9) and suggests that correcting these mathematical assumptions could trigger a paradigm shift in science (Ref.10).

Waugh outlines three key steps to challenge existing scientific theories and presents testable predictions (Ref.11) that could revolutionize science. He predicts that data from the Euclid telescope will eventually reveal a positively curved universe, challenging prevailing notions and turning science on its head (Ref.12).

In his ‘expanding (hyper) balloon’ model of the universe, both Relativity and Quantum Mechanics coexist harmoniously, offering a potential replacement for the current paradigms in both physics and cosmology. This model, if proven accurate, could reshape our understanding of the universe and the fundamental laws governing it.


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