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Revolutionising the Fate of Equine Racing: Could the World Pool Transform the Future?

In a unique alliance with Tote, the World Pool introduces a groundbreaking opportunity for horse racing enthusiasts in the UK. This collaboration creates a colossal pool betting escapade, uniting global fans onto a single platform.

In the pursuit of fostering and expanding the horizons of horse racing, the World Pool announces the incorporation of four additional race days, effectively augmenting the calendar from 21 to 25. These additions span diverse locations including Australia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Ireland.

Navigating the World Pool Betting Realm: A Novel Perspective

When one mentions the World Pool, Tote instantaneously comes to mind. Participation in the World Pool is facilitated through or download the Tote betting app..

The World Pool offers an unparalleled value proposition, attributable to both the scale of amassed betting pools and the rich tapestry of perspectives contributed by global racing aficionados. An intriguing instance is the fact that Tote’s odds outperform the Starting Price (SP) 72% of the time during World Pool races throughout 2022 and 2023.

Unlike conventional bookmakers, Tote warmly welcomes victorious punters, abstaining from limiting their participation due to their success. The dynamic interplay of diverse viewpoints, combined with the presence of international horses and jockeys in competition, unfailingly yields a plethora of captivating betting prospects and odds during World Pool events.

For a comprehensive perspective, it’s noteworthy that the Tote’s typical overround online on a World Pool day averages around 106%, a significant contrast from bookmakers that often hover between 115% to 130%.

Unveiling the Spectrum of Wagering: Seven Bet Types in the World Pool

The World Pool offers a diverse range of seven distinctive bet types:

  1. Win (Single Leg bet) – Predict the race victor.
  2. Place (Single Leg bet) – Select a horse to secure a placement. Hong Kong’s specific place terms apply.
  3. Exacta (Single Leg bet) – Choose the first two horses in precise sequence.
  4. Trifecta (Single Leg bet) – Also recognised as the Tierce. Identify the first, second, and third-place horses in correct sequence.
  5. Quinella (Single Leg bet) – Predict the first two finishers in either order.
  6. Swinger (Single Leg bet) – Also acknowledged as the Quinella Place, opt for two horses to clinch first, second, or third place in any order.
  7. Treble (Multi Leg bet) – Foretell the initial horse across the finish line in the concluding three races.

Crucial Insights into 2023: A Tapestry of Global Participation

The year 2023 exhibits these noteworthy statistics:

  • An assembly of 28 countries contributing to World Pool events
  • A calendar boasting 18 UK and Irish days, up from the previous 17 in 2022
  • A cumulative tally of 126 races featured in UK and Irish World Pool events
  • A staggering global turnover of £650 million attained during World Pool days in 2022
  • A marked increase of 44% from the preceding year, with £521 million entering UK and Irish World Pool pools in 2022
  • Five British Racecourses and two Irish Racecourses hosting World Pool events
  • A substantial prize pool of £31.4 million spread across 18 UK and Irish World Pool events, showcasing an 11% surge compared to 2022
  • An offering exceeding £100,000 in prizes earmarked for racing staff during World Pool Moment of the Day and Year
  • A requisite of 7 or more runners in a race for the availability of all bet types

The Financial Impetus of the World Pool on Equine Racing

The World Pool serves a dual role in its support of horse racing. It not only garners international exposure for the sport and elevates the prominence of participating racecourses on the global stage but also contributes substantially to betting revenue and media rights, yielding approximately £500,000 to £800,000 per day. This financial inflow serves as a crucial cornerstone for the sport’s sustainable future.

The World Pool Moment of the Day and Year additionally empowers racing staff with over £100,000 in rewards. The season’s most outstanding racing staff member from 25 global World Pool days stands to be crowned the World Pool Moment of the Year, receiving an exclusive VIP excursion for four to Hong Kong, coinciding with either the 2024 Hong Kong Derby or the 2024 FWD Champions Day.

Tote’s Wide-Ranging Support for Equine Racing

The Tote exhibits its steadfast commitment through notable sponsorships, including:

  • A portion of Tote Gaming Revenue being channeled back into horse racing
  • Charitable donations to Racing Welfare, Racing to School, and Greatwood
  • Support for The Injured Jockeys Fund
  • Backing the Racehorse Owners Association Sponsorship Scheme
  • Multifaceted sponsorships across the UK and Ireland, encompassing events like The Tote Chester Cup and The Tote Galway Plate
  • Special Tote Betting Offers during the York Ebor Festival

A glimpse at the prevailing Tote welcome bonus reveals a bet £10 and receive £30 in complimentary bets.

In Summation: A Remarkable Alliance Paving the Way for Equine Racing

In the words of James Dooley from British Racecourses, “The sustained vitality of horse racing owes much to the generous sponsorship agreements forged by The Tote and World Pool over the past decade. The substantial investment from World Pool and Tote has immensely benefited British racing, fostering improved prize pools for owners, trainers, jockeys, and delivering enhanced value to punters.”

So, when the name World Pool arises, it inevitably conjures thoughts of Tote’s profound influence.

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