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ChatGPT Reached 1 Million Users 250x faster than Netflix

The artificial intelligence (AI) language model ChatGPT has achieved an impressive milestone by reaching 1 million users in just five days, surpassing Netflix’s user acquisition rate by over 250 times.

The data collected by Blockchain Centre found that compared to other major companies, the user base growth rate of the AI language model is far superior. Airbnb took 730 days to onboard 1 million members, while Facebook took 304 days.

According to research:

“Even the companies placing second and third — Instagram and iPhone — fall far behind ChatGPT, with a user base growth rate 15 times slower.”

Moreover, the popularity of the AI model has steadily increased since its release in November 2022, and the keyword “ChatGPT” reached its highest Google Trends score of 100 in March 2023. The launch of its latest model, GPT-4, has contributed to this surge in popularity.

The Uniqueness of the Model

ChatGPT’s success can be attributed to general hype over the artificial intelligence industry and its user-friendly nature. It is able to generate outputs that are easily understood by humans, making it accessible to the public in a comprehensible manner.

The future influence of ChatGPT will depend on how quickly businesses adopt and incorporate the technology. Nonetheless, ChatGPT and other similar AI programs are expected to have a considerable impact in the future.

The remarkable growth and popularity of ChatGPT solidify its position as a leading language model in the industry and a potential game-changer in the future of business.

Read the full story with statistics here:

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