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Integrate all the on-demand services on GoJek clone and boost a revenue

Gojek App is a multiservice application launched in 2015 in Indonesia. Started with only taxi booking services, today it offers more than 20 On-Demand Services to the citizens. The app has been a major hit since it includes the majority of the day-to-day services that people need to complete their household tasks. Services like food delivery, groceries, pharmacy, maid services, handyman services, tutors, babysitters, and so on.

Buy Gojek Clone App

Witnessing the prosperity and the profits Gojek App brought to the business, today majority of the entrepreneurs wish to develop an app like Gojek.

Buy Gojek Clone Script that is white-labeled so that you can customize as per your business needs. Gojek Clone comprises 70+ On-Demand Multiservices that are primarily categorized in – Ride-hailing, On-Demand Delivery, and other services.

Integrating it with New Gojek Clone Features

Following are the new features that are specifically aimed to bring a boost to your business revenues. Customers, service providers, and delivery drivers are going to love using them:

  • Restricted passenger limit

The driver can restrict the passenger intake based on the latest safety travel rules.

  • Face mask verification

The driver has to verify about wearing a face mask by uploading the selfie in the app.

  • Safety checklist

A safety checklist is displayed to the user before confirming the rides ensuring to follow the same

  • Safety ratings and reviews

The rider is asked to give safety ratings and reviews at the end of the trip.

  • Ride cancellation

Both the driver and the rider have the flexibility to cancel the ride if either of them does not feel safe to drive.

  • Taxi fare calculations – 2 models

The feature offers two models to calculate the taxi fare – the rider will pay the estimated fare or pay for the trip based on the road traveled.

  • Apply toll cost manually

The driver can apply the toll cost manually to the invoice once the trip has ended.

  • Store wise commission

The Admin can set different commission rates through this feature

  • Daywise separate timeslot

This feature allows the store owners and restaurant to set their timings as per their geographical working hours. Also it allows them to make changes to the timings during public holidays, weekends, as well as during lockdowns.

  • Item name searching

It is an advanced level filter feature that offers a quick search to the user about the items they are unable to find.

  • 18+ age confirmation

The user has to provide age confirmation to the delivery person when buying stuff that requires 18+ permission.

  • Voice instruction for delivery drivers

The user will provide voice note instructions to the delivery drivers if there are specific things to take care of. For instance, do not ring the doorbell, drop the delivery packages with the watchman/security at the gate, etc.

  • Restaurants to upload their kitchen pictures

The restaurant owner will be able to upload their kitchen picture showcasing their safety and sanitization practices

  • Order cancellation option for a delivery driver

The delivery driver can cancel the order if they are unable to order due to unfavorable situations.

  • OTP verification to start the task

The drivers/service provider will ask for the OTP from the user before starting the ride/task.

  • Graphical status of the rides & orders in-app notification

The app will show the graphical status of the taxi ride/orders to the users on a real-time basis.

What Makes Gojek Clone App So Desirable?

The two USPs – Cost-effectiveness and Time-efficient.

Gojek Clone app is the perfect app solution for business owners who want to make their mark in the On-Demand Market in a short time.

Buying Gojek Clone Script Solution can be the easiest and quickest way to launch multiservice businesses without stretching the budget. That’s right, you do not have to spend an arm and leg to develop an app like Gojek. Since it is already a tested app, all it requires placing an order, and the app development team starts white-labeling the process. Thus, you can launch your app in just 7 business days under your brand name.

It saves time and money both for the entrepreneurs who are just starting new or have less investment to venture into On-Demand Industry.

Gojek Clone App is a white-label solution that allows entrepreneurs to customize their services, pricing, themes, and brand logos as their business evolves.

An app like Gojek is built on the latest technology with scalable features and functioning. Thus, allows business owners to grow and expand without spending extra money. This is a one-time investment Gojek Clone Script thus you need not renew the license every time.

Additionally, the app includes advanced-level features like Multi-languages/currencies, in-app call/chat support, push notifications, multiple payment modes, etc.

In Conclusion

The on-Demand Service Industry is quickly expanding and growing.  It has attracted several business owners to take the plunge. And Gojek Clone App seems to be the right fit in the current time.

Consider approaching an app development company that has years of experience and has at least 1000+ on-demand app installed in the Play Store/ App Store.

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