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What to Bring on Airboat Rides Florida

An airboat ride is one of the safest and best ways to tour the swamps of Florida. You’ll have a good time discovering nature and unique creatures. Airboat rides in Orlando are an experience you’ll never forget. It gives you a chance to see another side of the Sunshine State.

If you’re going on an airboat ride, you will need to do a little bit of preparation. What promises to be a great day on a boat can turn sour fast. For instance, it was sunny when you set out, but an hour of plowing through the swamp at fast speeds can chill you. You don’t want to put a damper on your day because you forgot your jacket.

It doesn’t take much to prepare for your airboat ride. The best airboat tours in Florida will have the essentials on board. But there are items and individual bits of clothing you will want to bring along on the ride. Especially if you want to have the best possible experience.

Here are some of the things you need to bring when going on airboat rides in Florida:

Practical Clothing

You should wear appropriate clothing when going on airboat rides in Florida. Choose comfortable clothes depending on the weather and time of year that you go. If it’s during the summer months, you could wear shorts or a t-shirt. Make sure to also bring sandals, sneakers, or flip-flops with you. For winter and fall, it is best if you bring long sleeves, jeans, sneakers, and a windbreaker.


Another thing you will need to bring on your airboat ride is a poncho. Ponchos are perfect companions against getting wet. They even work across all seasons. After all, you will want to stay dry on your ride.


You will need sunglasses to protect your eyes. This is also useful in stopping the sun from impeding your vision. You may choose to bring polarized sunglasses. It’s suitable for swamp exploration and glare from the water.

Hair Ties and Hats

Anyone who rides a bike or drives with the windows open knows their hair will get messy. Worse, it could even cover your face and make it hard to see. Imagine how much worse the situation will be when you’re zipping through marshlands at 30mph! You might miss an alligator sighting or colorful birds fluttering by.

Passengers with medium to long hair should put up their hair. A messy bun or quick ponytail is the work of a minute. But it will ensure you won’t miss anything. Boat riders with short hair should also wear a visor or cap. It’s a good way to control your hair.


You will want to stay hydrated on your airboat ride. Drinking water is one of the most important things to remember on your airboat checklist.


The sun has no mercy for people going outdoors. During the airboat ride, there is coverage of some trees and clouds, but it is still possible for you to get a burn. Typical airboat rides last up to an hour or longer so it is crucial that you pack a bottle of sunscreen. This way, you can apply it if needed while on your airboat Florida ride.


Your captain will bring you up close and personal to some of Florida’s unique wildlife. You might miss a shot during your animal encounter if you fail to bring a camera. Make sure you have your camera for priceless photo ops. This way, you can cherish the memories from your airboat ride experience.

Flotation Device

Airboats in Florida are always required to carry life jackets for every rider. The law is especially specific when it comes to children. Kids 12 and under must wear life jackets approved by the Coast Guard. Make sure you wear one too. It might look unfashionable and feel bulky. But it will keep you alive. 

Weather Report

Let’s not split hairs into technical terms. But knowing what to expect weather-wise is also vital for a good trip. Check the day’s weather before you head out. A cool forecast is great but prepare for the sun. Remember that Florida has lots of sunny days. Wearing layers is your best bet. You can always take off a jacket or shirt when needed.

Be ready for things to get hot too. Make sure you have sunscreen and a wide hat on hand.

Here’s the Important Thing

There’s so much to do and see in Florida. It might even feel overwhelming. An airboat tour can be a refreshing change of pace. You need to prepare for an airboat tour ahead of time. Bring essentials like water, food, and sunscreen. Wearing the right type of clothing will also make the trip more fun. Bring your camera to capture unforgettable moments. You don’t need to do much to prepare, but these simple gestures will make all the difference.

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