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Make the Most of Your Boot Space During a Long Car Trip with These Top Tips

When you don’t live local to family members and loved ones, road trips are an absolute must when you want to spend time with them. Perhaps they’re in the next town over, or maybe the opposite side of the country; it’s important you have a process that’s as simple as jumping in the car and zooming off to visit them.

There’s much to think about ahead of a long road trip, such as how much fuel you’ll need to get from A to B, and how you’ll be able to keep each passenger (especially the younger ones!) occupied throughout. Another element you must consider is car boot space, particularly if you have lots of luggage, presents, or even pets. Here we look at the desires and necessities of drivers when it comes to their boot space.

Knowhow much space you have to begin with

You know you have a boot, but do you know specifically how muchboot space you have? A standard family car has a boot size (not including the space within the main body of the car) that starts at approximately 300 litres.

Larger boots are most likely found in notable cars that receive awards or honours, and the boot can be expanded further when the back seats are lowered. A good example of this is the BMW X7, number three on Carwow’s Best Cars With Big Boots.Even with the five to seven seats left up, you’re still looking at 326 to 750 litres of available space. With all the rear seats down, your boot space grows to a whopping 2,210 litres!

If you’re unsure how much room your boot has, look at your car’s manual for all the necessary information, including dimensions. With this, you’ll be able to measure the sizes of all the items you want to take on your road trip to determine whether they’ll fit, maximising your space.

Pet accessories

Considering 59 per cent of UK households have pets, it’s not just luggage and hobby equipment you’ll need to think about packing in the boot… yep, don’t forget about fitting your furry friends in there! It’s also important to note that they must be appropriately secured at all times, as you could get a fine if they’re not considered suitably affixed.

Fortunately, there is a broad range of accessories that make it simple to ensure your pets are safely secured. For instance, if you own aused Audi A3, andyou plan on bringing your beloved dog along with you on your next road trip, you can purchase boot mats, dog guards, and dividers to give you peace of mind that they’ll be safe and stable.

As you begin exploring the options available to you, you might be able to learn even more best practices for utilising the space in your boot.

Properly secure fragile items

If you’re travelling with fragile items, such as birthday gifts or just-because gifts, you’re going to want to guarantee they don’t get damaged en route. Days of travelling are likely to be busy, so there’s a chance that luggage and equipment such as bikes and tennis rackets could dent or even break fragile items stored alongside them.

You must ensure that each delicate object is packed in the boot safely and securely to avoid any panic or tears later in the trip. To do this, load your luggage by starting with the heaviest items at the bottom and adding any fragile items on top; this will prevent any collisions between the heavy items and fragile items while the car is in motion.

Alternatively, wrap any delicate gifts in bubble wrap or a soft blanket to help cushion and protect them from any harsh movements. If you’re worried about the gifts being on show in your absence, such as when stopping at a service station for fuel or food, use parcel shelves to hide them from view or cover them up with blankets or coats.

Road trips can be stressful enough without having to consider the size of your car’s boot, but doing so can actually make your journey that much calmer, more organised, and enjoyable. You’ll soon be the master of boot space and preparation!

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