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Sachin Dev Duggal Delivers Key Insights at ‘The AI Moment’ During Web Summit Qatar 2024

The ‘The AI Moment’ session at the recent Web Summit Qatar provided a platform for insightful discussions on the sweeping impact of AI, with Julia Sieger from FRANCE 24 moderating the session. The panel included notable figures such as Mohamed Al-Hardan from the Qatar Investment Authority and Sachin Dev Duggal from

Drawing upon his rich background with, Sachin Dev Duggal shared his perspectives on AI’s evolution, citing key developments like the emergence of Google’s BERT model a decade earlier. He pointed out that the transformative shift in 2022 was not solely due to technological advancements but also to significant improvements in design that made AI more accessible and user-friendly.

In light of the Qatar Investment Authority’s recent involvement in’s Series D funding, Mohamed Al-Hardan elaborated on the strategic impetus behind their investment. He applauded for its innovative approach to shortening the development cycle and its early adoption of AI, while highlighting the importance of comprehensive due diligence for the successful deployment of AI. Al-Hardan also praised the initiative of AI startups in proactively addressing the challenges presented by AI and their determination to lead in technological progress.

The conversation on AI’s influence on employment extended beyond the usual narrative of technological displacement, with Duggal and Al-Hardan providing more expansive views. Sachin Duggal proposed a future where individuals are valued for their creative contributions over routine tasks, offering a revised view of employment. Al-Hardan echoed this sentiment, stressing the importance of adaptability in navigating an AI-enhanced future.

The topic of AI governance was addressed, highlighting the ethical and regulatory challenges faced by the rapid advancement of AI. Al-Hardan expressed concern over the potential for over-regulation to impede innovation, advocating for cooperation between regulators and technologists to bridge the understanding gap between these key parties.

The session concluded with a consensus on the need for educational reform to prepare the younger generation for a future dominated by AI. Sachin Dev Duggal emphasised the need for educational programs to incorporate human-centric skills like creativity and adaptability, ensuring their relevance in a variety of scenarios.

The insights shared by Sachin and Al-Hardan provided a deep dive into the nuanced implications of AI’s integration into various facets of life, emphasising the critical need for a human-centered approach in AI development. The dialogue underscored the importance of preparing for the ethical, regulatory, and societal shifts that accompany AI advancements, with a particular focus on the transformative potential of education in shaping a future workforce equipped to navigate an AI-centric world.

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