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New growth initiative from Active International results in leadership restructuring

Active International, global corporate trade company, announced today that Kieron Murphy is being promoted to Chief Revenue Officer role. Kieron’s promotion is part of a restructuring which is focused on establishing a digital-first corporate trade ecosystem within the media industry in the UK. The move supports Active International’s initiative to promote growth, both internally and alongside its partners.   

Kieron will leave his role as Media Director to set his sights on media revenue sustainability and growth, strengthening commercial partnerships and diversifying products and services from new and emerging media. With 13 years at Active International, he brings expertise in strategic media and content partnerships – skills he’ll use to bolster the company’s goal of working alongside its clients as a partner for growth.  

“To still be learning, challenged and energised every day after 13 years at Active International is a testament to our business model, the culture we have built and the fantastic people I get to work with, both internally and externally. The new role provides the perfect platform to enhance alignment, ensure revenue sustainability and growth, better data to aid decisions and build diversification through products and services from new and emerging media.” – Kieron Murphy, Chief Revenue Officer. 

Laura Learmouth has been appointed Media Director to take over for Kieron and will bring her 18 years of media industry experience to the table. Laura is a member of the Bloom network, which provides professional support to women in the communications industry. She recently represented Active International at Media Fight Night 2022, where she was one of 16 contenders who raised over £200k for the mental health charity Off The Ropes. In her new role, she’ll focus on media partnership development, media investments and revenue planning. 

“With a focus on driving intentional growth, I am committed to bringing my commercial and strategic competencies within Media Partnerships and Trading to add to our current Leadership Team expertise and look forward to continuing to champion professional development for all Activians.” – Laura Learmouth, Media Director. 

The leadership restructuring also includes the recruitment of a Commercial Partnerships Director, who will be responsible for developing new and existing commercial partners. 

In addition to its new partner-focused growth initiative, Active International has been establishing itself as a forward-thinking, sustainable workplace – its list of accolades back this up. 

They’ve been recognised as Campaign’s Best Places to Work for five consecutive years. Great Place to Work® UK, the global authority on workplace culture, ranked them 24th in their UK’s Best Workplaces 2022 award and included them in their Best Workplaces™ for Wellbeing list for 2022 and 2023 along with their Best Workplaces™ for Women list in 2022. Active International also holds a Silver Sustainability Rating from Ecovadis, which measures the quality of a company’s sustainability management system.

“Rewarding and celebrating our talent is important to us, and expanding our commercial leadership is key to delivering our ambitions in the UK. I am thrilled to see our leadership grow and expand in a challenging market.” – Cameron Swan, Managing Director. 

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