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List of Must Keep Sauces in Indian Kitchens

Stocking your kitchen with exotic sauces is very essential. This helps to make delicious food items in minutes. Also, if planning to make any kind of special preparation in jiffy, you do not need to worry about the availability of different kinds of sauces. Thus to help aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts, here is a list of must keep sauce in Indian kitchens by Modern Food Products – one of the best condiments manufacturer in UAE.

Amba Sauce

The Amba Sauce with mango as the main ingredient has a tangy taste which makes it go food with Indian dishes like paratha, dosa or even dal-rice. This can be served as a condiment with any kind of fries and fritters as well.

Thai Chilli Sauce       

Though with the name it may sound too spicy, but Thai Chilli Sauce has sweetness as well. This suits great for making Pan-Asian recipes. Thai Chilli Sauce can also be used to make Thai food items. You may choose to include a spoonful of it in any kind of marinade you make for both veg and non-veg items.

Modern Food Products is a Thai chilli sauce manufacturer in UAE.

Hot Sauce

Prepared with red chili peppers and vinegar, Hot Sauce includes an array of spices that makes it spicy, chilly and hot. Hot Sauce can be used in soup, tacos, burgers, sandwiches, salads, curries, gravies, marinades, pasta, noodles and can be simply used as a dip as well.

Modern Food Products is a hot sauce supplier in UAE.

Chilli Garlic Sauce

Though both the aroma of chilli and garlic makes any dish taste so good, yet, not always do we want to include it in chopped form. The alternative of chilli garlic sauce here works as a great solution which adds to taste, aroma and yet, with a subtleness.

Barbecue Sauce

Dark brown in color, barbecue sauce enhance taste as well as color texture of any recipe. It is sweet with tanginess. This is thick and hence, barbecue sauce must be included in small quantity. Usually barbecue sauce is used as an ingredient in recipes. Barbecue sauce tastes lip-smacking.

All of the aforementioned List of Must Keep Sauces in Indian Kitchens is available at Modern Food Products – one of the top ranked sauce producers in UAE.

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