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Best Tool Storage Systems for Workshop Organization

Is your workshop or garage frequently struggling to find tools when working on a project? Is there always a cluttered and unorganized garage and workshop? When your tools are safe and organized, each home improvement project is easier. The organization of your instruments creates a productive, uncontrolled workplace. The organization of your tools is a preventative way to make sure your equipment lasts longer.

Henchman Products has come up with three best tool storage systems that will cover all your workshop organizing needs. 

Explorer 7630GE Empty Case (Green)

The medium-sized empty case from Explorer is best fit for storing your important tools. It is virtually indestructible, thus, providing a fine storage solution to keep any sensitive or expensive equipment. These equipment require superior levels of protection in order to survive the harshest environment or applications. 

Explorer’s waterproof empty case is ideal for regular use in the military, scuba applications, aerospace requirements, photographic, computer, police and fire brigades.

Explorer Case 5122O Foam-Filled Case

Dedicated for sensitive or expensive equipment storage needing a high level of security to survive the extreme environment or just for air travel applications, the Explorer 5122O Case is a must-have! This waterproof case with pluckable foam offers comfort and reliability like never before. The case is great for use in the military, scuba applications, aerospace requirements, photographic, computer, police and fire brigades.

1 Compartment Deep/Large Storage Box

Store small tools and carry them around easily with the 1 Compartment Large Deep Storage Box. This 310 mm wide x 200 mm deep x 80 mm will best fit your handy tooling requirements. 

27” Pro II Combo

The 27 inches Pro II Combo with top chest and roller Cabinet includes full-length aluminum drawer that pulls easily along with a weight capacity of 100 lb. for every drawer.  This tool storage system cabinet is available in three distinct colors – black, red and blue. With a capacity of 7,200 cubic inches at the top chest and a storage capacity of 9,115 cubic inches at the roller cabinet, this storage system makes your heavy storage work easy. The space! Hence, the 27 inches Pro II Combo will make a perfect addition to your daily workshop. 

54” RS Pro Roller Cabinet with Stainless Steel Top

The Stainless Steel Top 54″ RS Pro roller cabinet features a weight capacity of 100 lb. along with full-length aluminum drawer pulls.   It weighs 370 lbs and is a huge 19,800 cubic inch storage system. It is readily available in five colors namely – black, red, blue, green and orange. 

24” Drawer Parts Organizer

The 24 inch drawer components organizer is ideal for small hardware and accessories. Includes clear drawers and is wall mountable, the organizer for six-pound parts, which measures 6.25 x 19.75 x 10.63.

72” CTS Combo

The 72” CTS Combo set is of a roller cabinet, support beams, canopy, back splash (any of your choice), aluminum full-length drawer pulls including 100 lb. weight capacity and a stainless steel top.

18 inches Industrial Cantilever Toolbox

This robust 18″ Cantilever Industrial Toolbox is a great shopping for every DIYer. The toolbox has four separate racks and a basement storage area for relatively large tools and accessories. 

Tips and Suggestions 

  1. Clean tools. Removing dust and humidity from tools can help prevent rust from building on your tools prior to placing them in your tool storage system. To wipe them out, use a dry cloth. Use a degreaser if you’ve got grime or grate on your tools. 
  2. Remove the dust from the wood. Clean the dusty instruments and wipe them indoors with a dry cloth before putting them back inside the storage system. It cannot attract plagues like termites by not doing so.
  3. Lubricate more often. It doesn’t take much work to lubricate your tools storage system. 
  4. Polish and wax. The exterior and inside may help prevent rust forming by waxing and polishing regularly. Try to not store storage tools in cool, damp places. Make sure to use a dehumidifier in the air if you are keeping it in a cave or garage.

Henchman Products is a leading global supplier of storage systems and more such solutions in the manufacturing industry. With decades of experience and presence around the world, Henchman has positioned itself to offer quality tools and toolkits to its customers. 

Purchase high-end tool case with drawers, without drawers; large, small, medium sized storage solutions and more only on Henchman Products. Shop from Henchman Products official website today!

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