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Volkswagen ID Buzz Transformed into Fully Functional Electric Campervan

The iconic Volkswagen ID Buzz has undergone a remarkable transformation, becoming a fully functioning electric campervan for the first time. TC Conversions, specialists in vehicle conversions, have adapted the ID Buzz to create a camper that combines the nostalgia of the VW camper vans with modern electric technology.

Based in New Abbot, TC Conversions is known for its high-quality conversions of work vans into luxury campers. The Volkswagen ID Buzz project marks their first fully developed camper on this platform, positioning it as a potential “gateway vehicle” for those transitioning to electric campervanning.

Following the conversion, the electric campervan offers over 210 miles of usable range and features typically found in modern campervans. It includes sleeping space for four people, a pop-up roof that provides extra headroom, a rock n roll bed, a fridge, running water, and off-grid electrics.

The conversion also incorporates unique additions such as integrated blinds, an induction hob, and a sink that can be used both inside and outside the vehicle. These appliances are powered by electricity from the vehicle or an onboard power pack. A solar panel installed on the elevated roof helps charge the power pack while off-grid, and main hook-up capabilities are available for battery recharging.

Derek Thomas, Managing Director at TC Conversions, believes that the ID Buzz campervan will serve as a pivotal vehicle in the transition to electric campervanning. He stated, “Due to the heritage of the iconic VW camper vans of the past, we really believe that this ID Buzz campervan will be the gateway vehicle for people switching to electric campervanning.”

The ID Buzz campervan, accommodating small families or couples nearing retirement age, is available for orders through TC Conversions. Each vehicle is made to order and takes approximately two months to complete. Priced at £82,000, interested buyers can secure their vehicle with a £3,000 holding fee, and finance options are available.

For more information on the VW ID Buzz Campervan and TC Conversions, visit their website at A video showcasing the vehicle can also be found on YouTube.

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