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Important Notice: Updated Number Plate Regulations for Motorists to Avoid Costly Penalties

Drivers Urged to Stay Updated on Number Plate Regulations to Avoid Heavy Fines and MOT Failures

Motorists are being strongly advised to carefully inspect their number plates to eliminate the risk of substantial fines or potential MOT failure for their vehicles.

National Numbers, a leading provider of personalised registrations, has issued a warning to drivers, emphasizing the importance of ensuring that their number plates comply with road legal standards. This is particularly crucial for those who have purchased a new vehicle or replaced their number plates after September 2021, when significant changes were implemented.

The revised regulations prohibit the use of number plates with printed 3D-style digits or those with two-tone effects, including carbon fibre appearance plates with black and grey lettering. The updated rules now only allow the use of solid black digits, guaranteeing a distinct contrast between the background and the letters. This ensures that Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras can easily identify vehicles on the road, even when they are traveling at high speeds, during the day or at night.

All newly issued number plates must adhere to the enhanced British Standard BS AU 145e, which replaced BS AU 145d two years ago. This change was made to address concerns regarding road safety and law enforcement. Moreover, number plates manufactured according to the new standard are more durable and resistant to abrasion, providing longer protection against dirt, road grime, and pressure washing.

David Edwards, the Operations Director at National Numbers, the UK’s longest-established personalised registration dealer, highlighted the importance of compliance, stating, “There are still drivers on the road who are unaware of these requirements, making them vulnerable to completely avoidable fines. Given that these changes have been in effect since late 2021, traffic police are unlikely to show leniency to individuals claiming ignorance after being stopped. For this reason, National Numbers urges every driver to ensure that their number plates fully comply with the law.”

Failure to display number plates correctly can result in fines of up to £1,000, and vehicles may fail their MOT tests if stopped by authorities. In severe cases, the registration number may be permanently withdrawn. Furthermore, non-compliant number plates can have more far-reaching consequences, as insurance companies may refuse to provide coverage following an accident if the number plates are not road legal.

Thankfully, there are multiple legal options available to motorists seeking replacements. Traditional acrylic number plates with solid black printed digits, widely used and compliant with the updated regulations, offer clear visibility and legibility. Increasingly, drivers are opting for 3D and 4D plates, which feature modern gel digits or solid black acrylic digits, respectively. These alternatives provide a distinct aesthetic while remaining within the confines of the law, as long as the digits are non-removable.

We invite car owners to visit our website, where they can explore a diverse range of alternative number plate formats and make an informed choice that adheres to the latest regulations.

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