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How Can Accountants Make SMEs’ Journey to Financial Recovery Easier?

Like many other large enterprises, small or medium-sized businesses also have several complexities that owners find challenging to deal with. As a business owner, you try to ensure your finance-related information is accurate and up to date because that’s what you need when it comes to making business decisions.

But with gradual growth year over year, you will start to manage a bigger staff, more customers, more vendors, etc. In such a situation, tracking and entering financial transactions can increase complexities, hampering the way you manage your time and business.

Therefore, when you have so much to do for your firm, let an accountant crunch the numbers for you. At times like the current when most businesses are struggling to get back on track, a skilled accountant can help you walk through the road to financial recovery.

The role of an accountant for your business:

You need an accountant to verify financial transactions, their authenticity and analyze the collective data to generate multiple reports, including income statements, balance sheets, and tax files. Besides, they can help you with management accounting, for example, guidance on sticking to a budget and having positive cash flow. Financial analysis from your accountant is a pool of information crucial for forecasts and business growth. Hence, it makes sense that you need one’s assistance to boost revenue, minimize costs, and invest wisely.

Business areas an accountant can help you with:

Financial Accounting

Organizing financial information and making it usable is not an easy job. It requires a lot of your time finding how much money you owe, to whom, and vise versa – that also in a detailed manner. In this stage, even a tiny mistake can make the entire data wrong. Especially when you are wearing multiple hats, balancing between financial accounting and core business becomes difficult.

Having an accountant in place, you get professional assistance in preparing the most important statements that have the potential to transform your business’s financial performance. 

Performance Enhancement

Since your accountants will know pretty much about your company’s cash flow, they can guide you to spot red flags that you can rectify and walk further toward recovery.

For example, one of your vendors is adding you a considerable revenue, whereas another is continuously decreasing their purchases over weeks. Since accountants regularly assess statements, cash flow, income sources, etc., they can identify this change on time and inform you before the vendor signs off. Here, you get to know you need improvements in vendor management.

Running your business as a well-oiled machine reflects that all departments are getting appropriately funded; this can be done even better with the assistance of SME accountants.

Business Planning

If you are thinking of a realistic plan for your business, accountants can help you prepare one. These professionals are qualified and trained for carrying out financial projections and reports that can give you valuable insights you need to make a plan most likely to bring fruitful results.

You can take enormous advantage of their knowledge and expertise in the field of business financial accounting and take advice on areas you are less or not aware of. Making complete use of your accountants’ skills in the early stages of your business can help your business flourish.

Risk Prevention

Since accountants keep track of cash flow and assess your financial information from time to time, they can help you avoid potential risks or prepare a plan of action against risks already arisen.

As they have the ability to identify risks proactively before anyone else in your company, they can ensure it doesn’t go through a tough time. You can prevent risks when identified on time and make changes to your plans accordingly, saving your business from a loss that might have otherwise caused by unnoticed red flags.

Crisis Management

Taking the example of the recent pandemic that has impacted businesses across sectors regardless of their size. The entire last year was a challenging time for enterprises, but SMEs were and still are more vulnerable. As they navigate through the COVID-19 disruption and its after-effects, they are under heavy pressure to cut down expenditure and maintain a positive cash flow.

Amid all this, many accountants have also adapted to the big change and walked the extra mile for optimum service delivery. They even helped clients deal with challenges they might have never encountered. For instance, providing reliable finance and accounting services remotely using multiple tools for capturing transactional data and collaborating with other departments.

In addition to this, they provided complete support by guiding clients through immediate actions, such as acquiring business loans for operational continuity, identifying tax deferrals, reporting the loss caused by the pandemic, and more. Undoubtedly, if you have a knowledgeable, experienced accountant with exceptional finance management skills, your journey toward financial recovery can become a lot easier and fruitful.

Accounting Technology & Financial Consulting

Today, technology is at its best, and this is the perfect time to take advantage of FinTech. It is a wide array of technologies used in the finance sector, which have almost revolutionized accountancy. With a small transitional start, for instance, payments automation can bring a massive difference in the way you handle business financials.

Having a reliable payments infrastructure backed with the latest technology can help manage accounting effortlessly, securely, and timely, even when your employees work remotely. Here, an accountant with technical skills and knowledge can get this transformation done. They can assist you in upgrading your legacy accounting systems or setting up a new one. 

With this, your accountants can reduce errors and save plenty of time (by automating most repetitive and manual work) that they can use for providing you with strategic, consulting services, including cash flow analysis, budgeting, investment planning, etc., helping you make informed business decisions for future growth.


In this way, by combining technology with skills, expertise, and understanding of financial management, an experienced and reliable accountant can add enormous value to your business. With one in place, you can utilize your finances better and streamline operations across your firm.

Consequently, you can make your clients or customers happy so that they will stick to you, giving you revenue. Considering the points discussed above, it is now clear that all of this can be possible or a lot easier with the help of one of a team of accountants dedicated to navigating your business through the road to financial recovery.

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