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Tips on how to create a successful email marketing campaign

Email marketing is much more advanced and complex than it used to be. To make a successful email campaign, you need to plan and research what you want to send and make it as targeted as possible. Don’t send a one size fits all email to everyone on your database.

Here are some tips on how to create a successful email marketing campaign.

Build out your contact lists

Start building your contact list via your website or social channels by sharing forms or surveys that allow customers to share their details and opt-in for email marketing. Opted in customers are much more likely to respond to your email campaigns, making your emails more engaging as you are reaching the right demographic for your services.

You can also create a sign-up form on your website, which will allow customers to subscribe to your emails. To do this, you will also have to give them a reason to subscribe, whether this is to receive special offers or offer a monthly newsletter that offers advice and update subscribers on the most recent news in your industry.

Keep it personalised

Once you have started to build your contact list, and you have enough subscribers that allow you to send out a mailer, do so. Keep the emails as personalised and tailored to your customers as much as possible.

When creating forms or sign-ups to capture people’s data, make sure you include information on location, email address and any other relevant information you need to help segregate the data.

Map the buyer’s journey

Once you start building your subscriber list, you will get an idea of where they are in the buyer’s journey based on how they behave when receiving an email from you. 

You can track them at each stage and tailor the message depending on where they’re at in the buyer’s journey. For example, those who come in through your article pages are more likely to be researching for solutions or services, this would be the first step in the buyer’s journey. 

The next step is when they start to show an interest in your services and how they can provide a solution to their problem, you can then nurture them and have more of a one-to-one contact with them as they enter the sales process.

Automate the process and take your users on a journey – nurturing them along the way

Automated email marketing uses a series of targeted emails that you can set and forget. They can include a welcome email, then based on what they click on, or if they don’t click, it’ll fire another email after a few days of the first email being sent. This will help streamline your communication and ensures sure no contact gets missed out.

Segment your data

As you gather more information on your customers, you’ll be able to group and segment your audience to send out more relevant and personalised emails. Segmenting can significantly increase the click-through rates and new business coming through via emails.

Email Design

Successful email campaigns are the results of well written, to the point, emails mixed with good design and a simple call to action. You should map out all elements of your campaign, putting your most important information first as the main takeaway. Most people scan ready your email before deciding to click to find out more.    

HTML or Text based?

You have the choice of styling your emails with code and imagery, this usually works well for promotional, welcoming, new subscriber emails as well as newsletters. But text-based emails work best for first approach emails and to come across as more personal. Text-based emails also have less chance of going to junk or spam folders.

Be aware of dark themes in computer settings

Many computers and mobile devices now give the option for a light or dark theme for your display. The dark mode uses a dark background and white text whereas the light background is the standard white background with black text. 

If you are sending stylised images that have a white background, remember this may appear different in recipients email systems. Always test your email on various themes, devices and systems to ensure that the email keeps its format across all platforms.

Email marketing campaigns schedule

Having a schedule of when to send your email marketing campaigns is extremely important. A schedule will help you to keep track of what email is going when and to who.

Include A/B test emails in your schedule so you can track and monitor which emails work best and to what audience group. It helps to plan future campaigns and means each one will improve on the last.

Look at your marketing calendar and overall marketing plan 

As you complete and finalise your marketing plan for the year ahead, make sure you incorporate email marketing as a tool to share your campaign with your audience.

This will give you some pointers on where to start with your email marketing strategy. Creating an effective strategy can bring in large amounts of return on investment and regularly adapted for your email marketing to improve.

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