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How to Improve the Conversion Rate on the eCommerce Website Without Hiring an Agency

Launching a business is not an easy task, nor is constantly keeping it in full flood. E-commerce, like any other sphere, requires additional initiative to ensure stable traffic and performance in general. 

Among the umpteen number of possible ways to get more sales and high revenue, some can be deftly done on your own. Keep reading to find out how!

What is an e-commerce conversion rate?

Before jumping into the main topic, let’s refer to the basics. What is this conversion rate and how to figure out whether it’s already good or in the need of some improvement? 

Conversion rate, or CR, is the percentage of visitors on an e-commerce website who completed a desired action. If you are a retailer, this would probably concern the number of purchases. One more figure that is of great importance here is the general number of visits. Having this data in your pocket means that you can easily estimate how well your business is converting. 

To calculate the conversion rate, you can just follow an easy formula: divide the number of conversions by the general number of interactions with the website (within the same period) and multiply it by 100. 

Assuming that you got 50 purchases out of 1.000 visits in total. This means that the conversion rate would be 5% since 50/1.000х100 equals so. 

Now that you have a clear picture, the next question that you might be pondering over is what conversion rate is considered to be good. Well, according to different resources, if your website converts around 2% to 5%, it’s estimated as a good average. However, the numbers vary depending on the industry. 

IRP Commerce did some calculations and provides percentages of CR for different fields and services. Anyway, the average number is still around 2% to 3%. 

CR percentage for different industries. Source: IRP Commerce

How to increase CR with simple tools?

Not that you know the exact percentage of how well your business is performing, you might want to boost it even further. Here are some actions that can be taken into consideration before, while, or after your prospects land on the website for shopping. 

Something’s popping

Without any doubt, attractive offers uplift sales. Interestingly, CreaditDonkey revealed that 67% of customers bought something they hadn’t intended to, solemnly because of a discount coupon, whereas 38% of visitors completed their order with more items in the cart than they had in view. 

Valuable offers or bundles can be truly enticing, so is how you present them. A short notification somewhere on the website may not be visible. And here is the moment when smart pop-ups come in. 

Pop-ups are floating boxes that appear on the website, used to deliver some kind of information or collect data from the user, for example. Many companies use them to offer free shipping or a discount for newly landed visitors, sometimes in exchange for an email or creating an account. 

Here is a quick example from a Candle Delirium website. They provide a personalized offer with a compelling product image that looks both stylish and minimalistic, matching the website design. By filling out the field with an email, a prospect will get notifications and updates concerning the items in stock, special offers, etc. 

An example of using a pop-up on the website. Source: Candle Delirium

Readiness to help

While doing shopping or just scrolling through the page, a person may encounter some problems or questions. They can be various, but the thing is, it should be possible how to get an instant answer. 

In this case, it’s worth considering chatbots as a way of customer support. Try to anticipate potential questions that may arise while doing shopping. After that, you can write a script that will ensure a seamless journey and pleasant user experience on the website. 

Place yourself in your customer’s shoes and come up with as many questions as possible. After that they can be used to create a chatbot, that will imitate human-like conversation. You also might want to have a look at some useful examples of chatbot scripts that work. 

To supply an example, a New Balance company implemented a chatbot on their website that allows visitors to search for FAQs by keywords. If the problem is not on the list, it’s also possible to contact a manager directly via a live chat. 

An example of a chatbot on the website. Source: New Balance

All in one place 

Running a business is quite challenging sometimes. Luckily, there are a lot of tools that can help both with management and efficacy. General performance is essential when it comes to the users’ satisfaction rate and, consequently, sales revenue. 

If you use any kind of customer support on the website or the social media platforms, such as Facebook, for example, it’s vital to give prompt replies and feedback. Implementing a mobile app to your business daily routine allows you to have all the desktop features on your phone. It means that you can run your business on the go, respond to clients’ questions and have access to the insights. Analyzing the visitors’ history and sources of their visit will result in more clues so for your business advancement. 

Wrapping up

To conclude, many touchpoints affect customers’ experience on the website and, thus, conversion rate. The good news is that you can improve both by using some pretty simple but working tools as smart widgets and pop-ups. Introducing those to your website as well as constant analyzing is bound to result in higher conversion. 

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