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How can small businesses benefit from advertising on local billboards?

If you are currently running a small business, it probably often lacks two things in particular: money and publicity. You would be very much in a chicken-and-egg situation here – as, while publicity can beget more money, you could struggle to spend enough to muster much publicity in the first place.

Fortunately, local billboard advertising is a great-value promotional method – for reasons like these…

Billboard ads can be placed in partnership with other local brands

As pointed out in one Business 2 Community article, 70% of purchasing decisions are made when the decision maker is actually shopping or otherwise in a store.

It could therefore bode well for you to get in touch with a physical store that stocks your products and ask the store’s management whether they would be open to running a local advertising campaign with you. This campaign could place billboard ads in proximity to the shop itself.

Billboard ads can easily lead people to where they could buy your products

This particular point was alluded to earlier in the article. Look at where your products are actually available locally, and then see if they are any particular billboard advertising slots positioned relatively close by.

If you do see any, securing them for your own advertising could be much easier than you had expected – especially if you approach a provider of nationwide billboard advertising opportunities. For your local billboard ads, you could utilise designs including directions to the nearby shop offering your items.

However, you can actually put billboard ads in many different places

This is no small benefit, as exactly where you want to put one of these ads could depend heavily on what you hope to achieve with the associated marketing campaign.

It stands to reason that busy traffic routes would, in various cases, be ideal places to situate billboard ads. However, if the specific campaign in question is aimed at promoting particular products rather than the company as a whole, smaller billboards on the high street can be especially fitting.

Billboard ads are highly accessible

As acknowledged earlier, billboard ads can be posted where many people already are. Those people wouldn’t have to pay anything to see these ads, which would also be impossible for them to turn off, skip or ad-block.

It would naturally be in your interest to get the word out as far as possible about your fledgling business. Hence, if people only need to install ad-blocking software to prevent your ads from even appearing, your promotional efforts could too easily be hamstrung.

Research shows that outdoor ads genuinely get results

As revealed in a number of statistics posted by Home Business, of people who have seen an outdoor ad, 41% are likelier to learn about the brand in the advert, while 70% claim that outdoor ads are either very or somewhat likely to influence a purchase.

Meanwhile, 58% search online as a direct result of seeing an outdoor ad – and, especially crucially, 35% purchase a product after catching sight of such an ad.

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