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Co-op Insurance Officially Launches Space Cover!

Houston, we have a solution. Co-op Insurance reveals new space travel insurance, covering everything from meteor collisions to extra-terrestrial encounters

  • Co-op Travel Insurance is making its offering ‘Universal’ with the launch of space travel cover
  • With the Global Space Tourism market expected to be worth £77 billion by 2030, now is the time to pick up space travel insurance
  • For a limited time only, Co-op members get 10% off their Earth-bound travel insurance until 31st August

April 2023 – For many of us, space travel is uncharted territory, so it’s only natural one might look for special coverage in case something goes wrong. Now, Co-op Insurance is set to take one giant leap into the space travel industry, breaking the boundaries of traditional travel insurance and expanding its offering to include universal travel cover, offering cover for trips to as far as the Milky Way.

Now travellers heading as far as the moon will be able to have the same level of coverage as back on Earth, and the features included within the offering truly are out of this world!

With the Global Space Tourism Market currently worth approximately £5.47 billion and expected to sky-rocket to £77 billion in 2030, Co-op has spotted a gap in the market when it comes to specialised cover for space travel, at an affordable price. So now Brits across the country will now be able to launch themselves into outer space, with the safety of knowing they are covered should they come into any extra-terrestrial encounters, or unexpected rocket maintenance requirements out of the blue.

Not only that but features of the new insurance include: launch and re-entry cover, in-flight emergencies, trip interruption or cancellation (due to weather conditions or technical problems), meteor collision cover, lost in space cover and even extra-terrestrial cover. So, whether you disappear into thin air, or your spaceship gets hijacked by other-worldly beings, at least your families and loved ones left home will not be left with nothing.

Ellis German, Director of Space Travel Insurance at Co-op Insurance states“We are over the moon to be able to share the new universal offering. Encapsulating the forward-thinking spirit of the Rochdale Pioneers, the founders of the modern Co-operative movement, our new Space Travel Insurance product is here to push the insurance market into the final frontier.

“We chose to launch the new Space Travel Insurance product, not because it is easy but because it is hard, and we have always wanted our travel insurance offerings to be as inclusive as possible. Now, whether you’re travelling by bike, car, aircraft or even rocket ship, Co-op Insurance can provide cover across it all. Make space for Co-op – we can’t wait for what will come next.”

If you’re now feeling convinced to try space travel head over to for a stellar quote today.

Should your travel needs  be purely based on terra firma, Co-op Insurance offers more traditional travel insurance with unlimited medical expenses, no upper age limit and cover for pre-existing medical conditions – until the 31st August Co-op Members can get 10% off an online quote with promocode MEMBER10

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