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NBB Recycled Furniture Implements Unprecedented Price Reductions

NBB Recycled Furniture, a renowned leader in the realm of outdoor recycled plastic furniture, has taken decisive steps to combat the prevailing global price surge. Despite the widespread escalation in costs affecting numerous industries, the company has managed to achieve remarkable price reductions while upholding their commitment to top-notch quality. Notably, a significant portion of their recycled plastic furniture is proudly manufactured in Poole, Dorset, underscoring NBB Recycled Furniture‘s dedication to supporting British production.

The current economic landscape has been riddled with mounting expenses, posing challenges for both consumers and businesses. However, NBB Recycled Furniture remains unwavering in its core values and its mission to make environmentally friendly furniture accessible to all. With the recent price drops, customers can now benefit from substantial savings across an extensive range of eco-friendly furniture, including benches, tables, and chairs. As the demand for sustainable furniture continues to soar, NBB Recycled Furniture sets itself apart by offering industry-leading guarantees, including an impressive 25-year warranty. With a focus on superior quality and customer trust, the company is committed to delivering products built to endure, thereby reducing waste and the need for replacements.

Rhianon Gwyther, the Trading Manager at NBB Recycled Furniture, expressed, “At NBB Recycled Furniture, we firmly believe that sustainability should not come at a premium price, particularly during times of economic uncertainty. Our unwavering dedication to providing eco-friendly furniture solutions remains resolute, and we are delighted to introduce these price reductions to our esteemed customers. We aim to empower businesses and individuals to make environmentally conscious choices without straining their budgets.”

All outdoor furniture offered by NBB Recycled Furniture is meticulously manufactured in Poole, Dorset, exemplifying the company’s commitment to supporting British craftsmanship and local production. With a streamlined manufacturing process and a dedicated team, the company ensures that customers receive their chosen items from the range within a swift 5–7 day timeframe. This unwavering commitment to efficiency and prompt service has earned NBB Recycled Furniture a reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction.

To learn more about the latest price reductions and explore the diverse product range offered by NBB Recycled Furniture, please visit their website at

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