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Eleven Sports Media and PSV Eindhoven Launch Groundbreaking Local Business Programme in Mainland Europe

PSV Eindhoven has unveiled its partnership with Eleven Sports Media, a leading sports partnerships pioneer based in the UK, to introduce an all-inclusive partner programme specifically tailored to the local business community of Eindhoven. This collaboration also marks PSV as the first mainland European team to benefit from Eleven’s innovative fan engagement technology.

With a strong presence in the English Premier League and recent expansions in the US, working with NFL and MLS teams, Eleven’s award-winning partnership model provides small to medium-sized businesses with an opportunity to align themselves with their local sports teams through effective branding, experiential activations, and comprehensive services.

The Philips Stadium will become the first mainland European venue to feature Eleven’s innovative StadiumTV and StatTV fan engagement platforms, designed to enhance the matchday experience. PSV supporters in the fan and hospitality areas will enjoy a more immersive and informative experience, with a range of match and player statistics delivered in their native language.

Frans Janssen, PSV Commercial Director, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are incredibly excited to be the first mainland European club to partner with Eleven and witness their passion come to life in the Netherlands, connecting the people of the region with our beloved club. The entertainment that Eleven will bring to the fan areas will introduce new and innovative elements for our ticket holders. We are proud to be the pioneers bringing this to mainland Europe.”

Matt Cairns, Founder and CEO of Eleven Sports Media, commented, “We are thrilled to introduce Eleven’s localised partnership model to PSV, marking our first venture into mainland Europe. Our proven solution has achieved success in leagues worldwide, and we believe it will deliver significant value to local businesses in Eindhoven. PSV is the ideal partner for us, as Eleven and PSV share many common values and both strive for innovation, just like the city of Eindhoven.”

Cairns further emphasised the importance of accessibility, stating, “When entering a new market, it is essential that our technology is accessible to all fans. Recent system upgrades now enable us to deliver our fan engagement platforms in multiple languages, providing fans around the world with the best matchday experience possible.”

In addition to the Local Business Partner Programme and Eleven’s fan engagement technology, Eleven will play a key role in supporting Jong PSV as the official U23 Training Wear Partner.

Cairns expressed his delight, stating, “We are honoured to be associated with one of the best and most successful academy setups in the world. The list of players who have emerged from the PSV academy system is remarkable, and we are proud to have our name on the training wear of the future stars of Jong PSV while playing a significant role in supporting the team.”

Janssen concluded, “Our ambition is for this partnership to grow. This is a long-term relationship, and we are eagerly anticipating the Local Business Programme and Eleven’s technology delivering value to our fan base and local community.”

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